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If you belong to a middle-class family then it is not possible for you to fulfill all your needs therefore, you need loans. So, I am going to provide you with an app “Mominjem Apk” for your Android mobile phones through which you can at least complete your basic necessities. 

Although you have already guessed what kind of application it is and for what purpose you can use it.

However, it is still recommended for you guys to read this article till the end as I have explained all the information regarding loaning and how you can apply for that. Furthermore, you can download the Apk file and install it on your phones.

On this page, you are going to have the latest version of the application which potentially offering you new and modified features. If anyone in your family or friend circle needs loans then share this application with them so they can also get benefit from it. 

About Mominjem

Those people who are in search of small loans with low-interest rates to start their business or for other purposes can use Mominjem Apk. It is a mobile app that is specially designed for Indonesian citizens.

Although I do not take any kind of responsibility any kind of mismanagement neither I give you any kind of security.

Because this is an open-source platform or third-party app which is openly available for the people living in Indonesia. Further, you can download and install this app on your phone to know more about it.

However, as per claims of the official or their Facebook page it is a loan providing company which is offering 20,000 INR and up products. So, you can also consult their official page on Facebook.

Moreover, they have also shared the details or eligibility criteria for applications. So, if you meet all their fixed requirements then you can get financial support otherwise your application will not be approved. 

I will share all those requirements or criteria in the next paragraph so you can come to know about whether you are eligible or not.

According to the officials they take not more than 24 hours to consider your forms. So, within that time period, you will receive their confirmation mail or message on your phones. Therefore, you must wait for their reply patiently.  

But before going to apply for the financial support you must fill the application carefully and it must not be incomplete. Otherwise, your form will be rejected or they will take more time to assemble the given information. 

Details of APK

Size10.62 MB
Package Nameid.mj.mominjem
Required Android4.4 and Up

What are the Criteria for Eligibility in Mominjem Apk?

As you know that such financial support companies usually set some rules and regulations through which they provide help. Similarly, in Mominjem Apk you are going to have the same procedures.

I have shared so many such applications on this website even which are more authentic and secure than this one. So, you can also find those apps on this website if you are interested to download those. But first, check out the details of this application.

  1. First of all, you need to be a legal citizen of Indonesia.
  2. You must have a KTP.
  3. You must have a job or business.
  4. It will also ask you for a Bank account as well as a registered Mobile phone number.

So, if you fulfill these given requirements then you can easily get help from this mobile financial support company. Usually, these kinds of organizations are known as electronic financial companies and they work through mobile phones.

Furthermore, you need to use their official application Mominjem which is available here in this post. 

However, if you want to have more information about this company then you can visit their official website. Otherwise, you can also use the application to know more about the products they offer with different interest rates.

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Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of Mominjem
Screenshot of Mominjem Apk
Screenshot of Mominjem App


This is a free application which you can get from here and install it on your phones. So, if you want to have low interest and easy loans then you must use this application. Further, to download the latest version of Mominjem Apk for Android please click on the below download button.

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