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Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Early Game Guide



Mount and Blade II Bannerlord Early Game Guide

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is a sandbox party-management game that throws you into the harsh world of Calradia where you’ll have to make a name for yourself and rise from rags to riches. From a simple adventurer, you will become a legendary trader, commander, king, or all combined, why not. It’s a sandbox after all. Many players will certainly have a hard time dealing with the many challenges that game offers, but we are here to help and set you on the right path!

How to Approach the Early Game in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord?

Depending on the difficulty you chose, you will have a harder or easier time going through the early game, but in either case, you need to do several essential things.

First of all, get a party going. You need soldiers to fight, your character is no god of war at this point in the game and even common looters might prove to be a problem if you’re alone. 15-20 people should suffice, especially if you can find a few that are higher than Tier 1 (Lowest troop tier).

Your next move should be to hunt any looters you can find. They will give you some starting money and allow you to slowly get more and more in the bank by trading and moving goods around cities. For trading simply look at the prices and the game will show you whether you’re buying for a cheap, medium, or high price.

While you sell your goods, make sure to check the arena in every city you go to. There might be a tournament happening, case in which, you should join. A tournament will give you some extra money and an item.

This is all you’re mostly going to be doing until you amass about 20k in denars. As for what to do when you get to this amount of money…

Tips for What to Do in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord After Early Game

Now that you’re holding on a somewhat significant sum, what you want to do is invest and do some more advanced trading. A trade caravan is the first thing you’ll be going for. This will require you to find a companion in a tavern and use 15k denars upfront. The reason why you need about 20k total is that the caravan also must be paid and it will not instantly bring you money until it has passed through several cities and has stocked up on supplies and trading goods to sell. So make sure you don’t bankrupt yourself.

After your caravan starts making you money, you’ll want to eventually get another one, and another one and so on, until you can no longer get any more. The number of caravans you can have is equal to how many companions you can have.

Once you’re done with the caravans, you’ll want to start getting workshops. We buy workshops after caravans because they are less profitable, but still useful. To buy a workshop you have to go inside a city and walk through the streets. Press ALT to view important locations and go to an existing workshop and talk to the workers there to buy it.

You can buy a workshop for about 12-15k denars. For the best return on investment, make sure to check what villages are owned by the town and what they produce, that will tell you the best resource to invest in.

Finally, a good money-maker is fighting the Minor Factions and weaker lords from a Major Faction that you do not like. Since by now you can likely get around 50+ men, you should be able to take on weaker lords and other NPCs. Selling their loot will get you a lot of money very quickly and you will farm renown and combat experience while doing so.

Ending note

From here on, you can do whatever you want. Your caravans will bring in gold and so will your workshops. You should be able to field a decent army and start working to become a lord or even a king. We hope this guide will help you on your gaming journey in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.

  • Mount and Blade II Bannerlord Early Game Guide

  • Mount and Blade II Bannerlord Early Game Guide
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