Nephometer App Apk For Android [Nepometer]

A newly developed and recently launched android application namely Nephometer App by late Shushant Singh Brother-in-Law. What this Apk does is help viewers to rate TV Shows, Movies and different TV Programs focusing nepotism, favouritism and discrimination.

The objective of developing this Apk is to highlight the current influence of famous Actors and Directors on pursuing and pushing well family background children in Film Industry. How a particular family or a few people control the Film Industry.

Late Shushant Singh was passed away last month due to stress and mental issue. Shushant was tense due to nepotism and favouritism inside Film Industry. Even he highlights such issue inside different media forums to address these issues.

But Shushant Singh was tired of this nepotism and discrimination. So due to this, he left this world last month. Focusing these issue his brother in law decided to launch this Nepotism App to get justice for Shusant Singh.

If you believe and support this problem then install and support Vishal rate Movies and TV Shows considering nepotism.

What is Nephometer Apk

This android Apk has launched a few days ago in the loving memory of Shushant Singh. Vishal disclosed the app details on twitter. If you believe that a TV Show or movies are being influenced by any film star or director then you can indicate that over App.

Till new many TV Shows and Movie viewers registered themselves over platform install Nepometer App inside their smartphones. If the Nepometer goes higher than average than we start a protest against those Movies and TV Shows.

Key Features of the App

  • The Apk is free to download and download link is reachable inside the article.
  • This platform was launched in the loving memory of Late Shushant Singh.
  • You can rate movies and TV Shows submitting ratings.
  • Even users are proposed to submit their views regarding the same TV programs.

Screenshots of the App

How to Download and Install App

Those who support this Nephometer App they can download the latest version from here click on the download link provided inside the article. Once you are done with downloading the next step is the installation and utilization of the app.

  • Firstly locate the Apk File from mobile internal storage section.
  • Click on Apk to initiate the installation process.
  • Don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources from mobile setting.
  • Once the Apk is installed successfully, go to the mobile menu and click on the app icon.
  • And it’s done, search the Tv Program and submit your views.


We believe nepotism is an immoral way of pushing well background family children in the Film Industry and our forum is clearly against favouritism and discrimination. If you support Late Shushant thoughts over nepotism than download and install the app in your mobile.

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