Net Tv Live Apk Download For Android

It has become very common that people are mostly preferring to watch Tv programs, movies, and shows directly on their smartphones. Which is why I try to share such app that allows the users to stream such content for free.

Because I consider it as my utmost responsibility to provide valuable and quality Application to my visitors. So, today you can Download “Net Tv Live Apk” for Android mobile phones. I have shared the latest Apk file which will perfectly work for you.

But before going into further details I just want to warn you that there are so many fake apps with the same name. therefore, do not download such Applications because it can hurt your phone. Further, they will be very destructive for the data on your phones.

I have tested the app thoroughly on various kind of devices before sharing it here. That is why I am 100% sure that it is the official and safe Apk file that you can install on your phones.

This Application is offering not only national channels and shows but also there are tons of international content.

As you know that there are thousands of such applications available in the market. But most of them are country-specific. That is why it becomes useless to download and use them on your phone if that is not available for your country.

What is Net Tv Live

It is one of the rare and universal live tv streaming applications for Android smartphones and tablets. Further, they have their own official website where you can get more details about it. But they do not provide you a web tool for streaming television except their official software.

Furthermore, the name of that website is LiveNet TV. It is offering you more than eight hundred channels.

Further, to make it easy for the users to select their desired station quickly and comfortably they have categorized the list. So, you can easily open any category and find your favorite programs, movies, and shows.

This captures all the categories from the kids’ portion to the adult portion. Moreover, you have sports news, sport live streaming, talk shows and much more.

The most important thing is that they usually update their list of channels where they add new. However, they don’t do that every day because it is not that much simple.

Therefore, within weeks or within months they bring updates and add more content. They also take care of the users’ suggestions and provide most of their services according to their users. That is the reason that millions of people from all over the world are loving this App.

Details of APK

NameNet Tv Live
Size24.56 MB
Package Namecom.streams.androidnettv
Required Android4.1 and Up

Free Download and Use

Net Tv Live Apk is the Android package of official Application that you can download and stream for free. There are no monthly charges or registration fees at all. Even you don’t need to get register here. Because it works directly on your mobiles when you open it after installation.

Request for the Channels

You don’t get such feature on any other app that gives you the same services. Because it is offering you to make a request for any channel that you want to watch on your phone.

So, when they get so many demands for any specific station then they add it in updates. This feature makes it superior and unique than its competitors.

Supports External Player

There is one thing about this app that you must know that it has no built-in players. Therefore, you will have to get an external player. But you don’t need to worry about that because we all keep the external player in our phones.

So, this is not a big issue for you. however, you may love to use this player which is known as Lime Player Apk as it is specially designed to run live Tv channels and movies. You are going to love it because it is very fast and it has no buffering issue.

Android Player

If you are facing issues in playing your favorite content on external players then here you have Android Player. It is the built-in player of your phones which is especially available in smartphones and tablets. So, it supports all kind of such apps.

It is tested and works perfectly and smoothly. Further, there are few other built-in options that Net Tv Live Apk gives you. So, you can also use those if this also not works on your phone. But for that, you will have to download each player on which you want to try.

Supports Chromecast

It supports Chromecast through which you can cast live channels by using Local Cast, Web Cats, and bubble UPnP players.


For suppose if you are facing issues in streaming any content of it stops during streaming then there is an issue in links. Because there are two links through which you can stream. It is up to you what link you select link 1 or link 2.

If any of these is not working then you can report that issue immediately. So, this not only helps the users but also it is beneficial for the owner and developers.

Because when you report that issue then it lets officials find the loopholes and solve them. That is why officials are always supporting the reports and love to react to it.

Furthermore, the best thing about the report is that they give you a quick response. So, it is run by a professional team who are working 24/7 to provide better services to its customers. If you are having any trouble or any of the channels is not working then feel free to report it.

Notifications for Updates

The best thing for the people is that they are not going to add anything to their app without telling about that update to its viewers.

So, to make the viewers aware of all the updates and changes they send them notifications. Which is why a user can easily check out those modifications and changes.

Further, this feature added because officials want to know whether that change is good for the users or not. As you know when the users read that notification and check out that new thing then they give their reaction. But reactions can be positive and negative too.

So, it is a kind of machine learning for the developers through which they can read the choice of people.

Save Time and Energy

You may know that it is not possible for someone to carry television sets everywhere to watch their favorite stuff. Further, people face electric and many other kinds of issues.

More importantly, it consumes less time and energy. Because you can watch all your favorite movies and shows right on your phone anywhere at any time.

That is how you can easily save your time and energy. But the only thing that you will need to run it is an Internet connection. If you don’t have a stable and faster internet connection then you cannot use it or play it.  

Screenshots of The App

How to Install Net Tv Live Apk?

If you don’t know how to install the Apk files then you must read this paragraph carefully. Because I have shared the step by step guide here below where you will learn about installation. Although it is not that much difficult to install any Android package.

But if you are doing that from any third-party source then it becomes quite difficult. Therefore, I have provided this information here so I hope you guys will complete the process successfully. Because I have tried my best to make it easier for you.

  1. First of all, you will have to download the Latest Apk of Net Live Tv for Android otherwise the old version will not work for you.
  2. Then you will have to go to settings of your Android mobile phone or tablet.
  3. There you will see a security option so tap or click on that.
  4. After that, there will be an option of ‘Unknown Sources’ so check to mark it or make it enable to let your phone to install Apks from third-party sources.
  5. Now close the settings and go back to the home screen.
  6. Open file explorer application or File Manager.
  7. Then locate that folder where you have downloaded the Apk file.
  8. Now open that folder and click on the Apk file.
  9. When you will click on the file then you will get install option.
  10. Tap or click on that install option.
  11. Now wait patiently for 5 to 10 seconds however, sometimes it takes more than 10 seconds so it depends on your device’s performance.
  12. Now you are done with the installation process.
  13. You can use the app.

How to Download Net Tv Live Apk?

I have already mentioned this in previous paragraphs that there are tons of apps with the same name. But trust me none of those are working perfectly and they are totally spam and designed for displaying advertisements only. Further, you are not going to get any channel over there.

Therefore, I recommend you to download the Net Tv Live Apk from this website. I have provided the download link in this article and I will tell you how you can get it from here. So, let’s follow below-mentioned steps one by one.

  1. Go to the end of this article, but before that, you must read the article at least once.
  2. Then you will see a button with this name ‘Download Apk’.
  3. Now you are supposed to click or tap on that button.
  4. Select the destination folder or location where you want to download the new version Apk.
  5. Now click/tap on the continue or download option.
  6. Then it will start downloading.
  7. It will take a few minutes further it depends on your network and internet connection if it is fast then you can do that within 2 to 3 minutes.
  8. Now you are done and you can install that Apk by using the above installation steps that I have shared with you.

Key Features

Live Net Tv is offering a lot of features to its users. it is a whole package and gives you a pocket tv. Because you are going to make convert your mobile into a pocket television set. But before moving towards features you must know that it contains ads.

Those ads are placed in a good manner so they are not going to disturb you or interrupt you while you are enjoying. Ads are added because the whole application is free and there are no hidden paid features.

Which is why the officials had no earning source, therefore, they use an advertisement to earn money.

But for now, you must check out the features that I have listed out for you guys. Nevertheless, it will be more appropriate for you to use the app and witness its features by yourself.

  • It offers you to stream Live Tv channels from all over the world.
  • There is a separate option of VOD where you can watch all the latest movies, shows and television series.
  • The most secret thing in this amazing software is that you can watch all the recently released movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and many others.
  • It gives you a category of Live Events where you can watch all the live sports events like Cricket World Cup, Football events, and many more.
  • There are categories where it provides content from all over the world such as Canada, Pakistan, India, Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia, the Middle East, and many others.
  • You can make favorite any content to save it to your list if you want to watch it any other time.
  • The quality of the video is amazing you can watch all the stuff in HD quality with high-quality Audio.
  • Multiple player options.
  • And many more to have fun in your free time when you are feeling bored.
Password Lock

As you know that it is not possible to apply a filter on such application because it contains all kind of channels.

So, some of the content and stations broadcast only adult content or violent content which is not suitable for the kids or under 18 age users. Therefore, the developers have also provided the password lock system in the app.

By using this option users can lock their app and avoid kids from getting access to the Application.

This is the reason which is why I consider this Application more secure and safe for the kids. Here below I have shared to process of applying password so please follow all the steps one by one.

  • Open settings.
  • Click on password option.
  • Enter a Password code.
  • Now tap or click on the Ok button.
  • You are done.
Kids’ Category

You may be thinking that how is possible to make your kids entertained if it is offering adult content? Then you don’t need to worry about that because when I say adult content it means violent videos, news, movies and other stuff.

But apart from that, there is a special category designed for the kids which you can play for your kids.

So, it is quite good for your children when you are letting them use such apps under your observation. That is the way you can monitor all their actions because giving too much freedom to use mobile phones can spoil and harm your kids.

The password option is given to you to lock the app so in your absence, your children cannot open it. So, this is why one can consider it a very safe and secure Application.

Hide Categories and VOD

If you want to hide specific kind of content from other users then you can have that option in the App. This is one of the very useful features that allows you. If you want to hide any category then follow these below steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • You will get various kind of options such as hide categories and hide VOD so select the desired option.
  • You will get a menu or a list.
  • Now select or check mark the options that you want to hide.
  • Then tap on ok button.
  • Now you are done.

There are few other App similar to this one if you are interested then you can download them from this website. Those apps are Epic Sports Apk, ThopTv Apk File, DTH Live Tv Apk, and many others. In order to download these mentioned apps please click on each hyperlinked word.


I have provided you all the information about the Net Tv Live in this short review. If you think there is something missing or something wrong then you can let me know in comments’ section.

I will appreciate your feedback and suggestions. If you are interested in Download the latest version of Net Tv Live Apk for Android, then click on below download button. Install the Apk file and enjoy it in leisure time.

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