NiceGram Apk Download For Android [Latest 2023]

Thus out there are several different social media Android Apps accessible. Through which mobile users can communicate with each other. But most of those are very restrictive and have strong policies. Therefore considering the limitation we present here NiceGram Apk.

Basically, it is a social media application particularly developed focusing on communication. This means mobile users prefer to use WhatsApp, Messenger and even Instagram for communication and data sharing. Though due to data leakage with security issues.

Many social media influencers already left such social media platforms due to security issues. Even due to unavailability problems with alternative platforms. Many users were using the same social platforms for communication purposes.

Therefore focusing the security problems and user concerns, the developers came up with this new type of social plus Chatting Application called Nicegram Apk. It is just a messaging App entirely runs using the Telegram API key system. Plus the users will never face any copyright issues over here.

This means those who are tired of receiving copyright letters. Will never experience or face any copyright issues over this new platform. Moreover, there are plenty of new opportunities over the platform through which the users can send different files plus control outgoing messages.

As we mentioned above that it uses advanced security encryption based on military design. Thus the chances of leakage or hacking are minimum. Plus those who can’t share their important documents can share using the safest channel. Remember the other telegram users’ messages are importable.

Those who love to watch and share entertainment videos like open telegram chat descriptions may definitely gonna love it. Because here different Movies and entertainment videos are accessible over a single operation. So from here, the users can guess how fantastic and amazing the Nicegram App is.

What is NiceGram Apk

Nicegram Apk is a new social media platform developed for Android users. Through this mobile users can share and communicate with each other without any restriction. Thus those who are tired of these limits may have a free hand inside the new Free App.

This question is frequently asked by mobile users, why should someone choose this particular Apk file leaving others? As we described above WhatsApp and FB Messenger are quite famous among mobile users.

Those available Apk files also provide the opportunity to read saved messages and send a voice message to any friend. However, those Apps access all your folder tabs and require unnecessary permissions. However, if talk about this Telegram User API-based App then it never asks for personal preferences.

Details of APK

Size48 MB
Required Android4.1 and Plus
CategoryApps Social

But when the users found this significant information regarding user privacy. Plus the data leakage due to low-security firewalls. People start showing less trust in the platforms. Even millions of people already quite such advanced messaging platforms.

Even thousands of mobile users are already tired of the famous WhatsApp messenger. Because the user is so limited and restricted that he/she cannot do further modifications to save their selves. There focusing on the concerns we suggest mobile users install this new Apk.

Remember the new platform we are presenting is structured on official Telegram App. This means the telegram account holders can access those completely free platform. Moreover, the telegram chats like options are offered. The multifaceted telegram client designed the platform.

When our expert team analyze the setting dashboard and accessible themes inside the application with access to direct downloaded media files. Then they have to admit that the user has full freehand inside what he/she wants to add or remove. So if been searching for an alternative then we suggest you download NiceGram Apk.

Key Features of The Apk

The latest version of Android App we are presenting here is completely free to download. And offer access to plenty of premium features with one click. If you are experiencing difficulty understanding App then we recommend you follow below points.

  • The Apk is operational worldwide.
  • This means the users will never experience any restrictions. 
  • All the chats and media files are encrypted using military security firewalls.
  • Moreover, those who can’t speak English or Arabic language.
  • Can easily change the language from app setting.
  • The most amazing feature is language translation.
  • Mean the multilingual plugin will help the user translate different statement inside the chatbox.
  • The user can register using a mobile number.
  • This means without a mobile number it is not possible to register.
  • Unlimited access to cloud storage with multiple accounts operation options.
  • Built-in translator for easy translation of content.
  • Additional App’s functionality includes instant forward.
  • No third-party ads are allowed.
  • Here the App offers flexible cache settings options with an instantly translate option.
  • It also offers an online channel to fulfilling virtually any other task your come up with.
  • Even the user will never ask to purchase any subscription.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Nicegram Apk File

Out there several similar media Apk files are accessible to download and install. But most of those are non-trusted and nonoperational. Thus there is an increased chance of data leakage or security issues while sharing the data.

So those who experience such kind of issues can trust our website. Because we present here a new type of social application which is secure and user-friendly. To download NiceGram Apk For Android please click on the provided download link button.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is It Possible To Download NiceGram Apk Old Version?

    Yes, Android users can easily download the old version of Application for free.

  2. Are We Providing Mod Apk File For Android Users?

    No, here we are supporting and offering the official version of the NiceGram App for Android users with one click download option.

  3. Can Android Users Download App From Google Play Store?

    Yes, the latest version of the Android Application is also available to download from Google Play Store. Simply click on the install button and easily integrate App inside the Android device.


If you are tired of using classic and traditional social applications? Then don’t worry because we brought this new type of social and communication App for Android mobile users. Installing the NiceGram Apk will offer advanced users communication and chatting options.

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