How To Download PES 16 Apk Free For Android [2022]

PES 16 Apk is one of the most realistic Esport games of all time. It provides the best gaming platform ever for the fans to enjoy. If you are a fan of soccer and are looking for a platform where gamers can get a realistic-gaming experience then you have to play this amazing game.

Various types of sports exist, and people choose to play different kinds of sports. Football Game is one of the world’s most popular sports, which has billions of fans all over the world. People love to watch their favorite team play and win, so we are here to provide you with this platform, through which you can join in.

What is PES 16 Apk?

PES 16 Apk is a new series of PES, which provides a realistic esports platform developed by konami. Allowing the players to compete with their favourite team in a number of events. They can instantly rank their team to the top of the leaderboard and play against the toughest opposition.

In addition to providing the most advanced foot ball gaming platforms. Pro Evolution Soccer Series has been developed so well that it has been able to provide the best platform for football lovers to enjoy. We are going to share with you multiple updates that have been made in this incredible version.

You will find that there are different professional players who have been signed as the cover of the game. So, you’ll get Neymar Jr on the cover of the PES 2016 Apk. This is an actual boost for the Neymar Jr fans who are very proud of their hero.

For the players who desire a different experience, many of the new models have also been introduced. If you feel that you are tired of playing against bots, this game also offers you an option to play online. So, you can find online opponents and play against them if you want to.

As you know, the MyClub mode allows players to build their dream team by using all the players’ trading cards. At that moment, you can pick out all the players you like and create a team that you can then play with your friends. So, if you want a fan base, then you should give PES 2016 Apk a try.


In the previous version of PES, the graphics were good, but in PES 2016 Mobile the most realistic graphics have been included for the users to enjoy. A clear view of all players is possible due to the high-quality graphics, which have been introduced in latest version of gaming app.


Slow motion is one of the best features of this Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Players normally prefer to play the direct version of the game. However, if you play this game in slow motion, you will get the most out of it. With this game you can be able to see every score or special move in slow motion, which is an added bonus.


As there are only a few stadiums available in the Android version for users. The license to use stadiums is a big issue for the developers. Which is considered another of the main reasons there are only a few stadiums available. However, if you go to the website, you will find tons more stadiums to choose from.

New Leagues

I am confident that you are aware that in PES 15 some of the leagues were missing due to some license issues. However, with this new version, all license issues have been resolved, and now you will be able to have all the best leagues and cups available. Some of the events are listed below.

  • UEFA Champions
  • UEFA Europe
  • UEFA Super Cup
  • Ligue 1
  • La Liga
  • AFC Champions
  • UEFA Super Cup
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • Premier League
  • Many More
  • Teams and Players

There are a lot of players who are missing in 15, but here you have them all, along with some of the new players too. 8 new teams have been introduced in it for the players to choose from. You can also add 51 new extra players too, which means that there will be more options for you.

There are even more amazing features that have been added to PES 16 Apk OBB, but you have to explore them all to find out what they are. Some of our readers want to know the gameplay and downloading process. Which is very easy and straightforward. So, we are going to share it with you below.

How To Play PES 16 Game on Android?

Using this platform is quite simple if you are new to it, and we will tell you everything you need to know. Once the registration process has been completed, the next step is to launch the game on your device. It is fun game going to provide you with a lot of options, which you can choose from.

The first thing that we are going to cover in this topic is that you need to do is to find your character manager. Since there are numerous managers available, from which you can choose. Once you are done selecting your characters, then it’s time to put together your team.

As you will see in the video, there are multiple ways in which you can obtain a team in PE 2016 Apk. You can choose to start with one of the built-in teams, you can join any team as its manager, or you can create your own team. To make things as easy as possible, you can join the available teams.

You may be able to play different events that this game has to offer, depending on what your level is. However, you should go into a friendly match first so that you can get a feel for your abilities. If you think you can beat the other team easily, then play events and triumph.

It will increase your ranking with each win and you will accumulate points. This means that you will be able to upgrade your players, kits, and other features. There are a lot of other features in it, which you can explore further with time. So, install PES 16 Download and begin playing it right now.

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How To Download PES 2016 Mobile?

The game is quite big, so this is why we have the OBB and Apk. You have to download PES 16 Apk Obb from this page. At the top and bottom of this page, you will find buttons that allow you to download the game. So mobile click on them and wait a few seconds, the downloading will occur automatically.

Screenshots of Game

Main Features of the App

  • Free to Download and Play.
  • PES Productions are famous for best and most realistic gaming platform.
  • High-quality Graphics
  • Fans can easily download gaming app using an inbuilt browser.
  • Multiple modes are distributed into categories.
  • 100+ Professional Players Characters
  • Real-time Stadiums, Leagues, and Cups
  • Slow Motions
  • There is not direct save option is available.
  • Professional system requirements are required.
  • High-Number of Animations
  • Smooth and Fast Controls Responsive
  • Online and Offline Gameplay
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Real-time Commentary
  • No-Ads Available
  • Many More

Final Words

There is no doubt that PES 16 Apk is destined to fulfill the dreams of numerous football fans. Who would like to be not only a part of their favorite team but also the manager of the team. Therefore, fulfill your dreams with this great app and enjoy your quality time as you play with it.

  1. Are we providing PES 2016 Mod Apk?

    No, here we are offering the original and official version of the gaming app.

  2. Is It Possible To Install Apk on XBOX?

    It is possible only if the users use an emulator for installation.

  3. Are We Providing a PC Version of Gameplay?

    No, here we are only providing Android compatible gaming app.

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