Pokemon Fire Red Apk Download For Android

After the release of Android smartphones, some of the best old games have now vanished from the internet. In today’s article, you are going to download one of those games “Pokemon Fire Red Apk” for your Android devices.

I know a lot of people are wondering how it is possible to play or install such an app that is even not available for Androids.

So, you don’t need to worry about that because I am going to share all the instructions through which you will be able to enjoy that application. You only need to download the latest version of the Apk file and install it on your phones. 

I have provided the Apk here on this page so scroll down to the end of this post and click on the download button. Furthermore, I would appreciate you guys if you share this post as well as the app with your friends on all the Social networking platforms.

About Pokemon Fire Red

GBA is an emulator where you can play tons of gaming applications that are not available for Androids. Basically, Pokemon Fire Red Apk is a video game that you can play on Game Boy Advance.

Some of you may already know about this platform but if you don’t know then let me tell you about it. It is a GBA that stands of Game Boy Advance that is a console or emulator for Android smartphones.

So, there are thousands of such gaming software which cannot be played directly on smartphones. Therefore, you need to install this extra tool on your Androids to play desired platforms.

The game that I have shared here is developed by Game Freak with the collaboration of The Pokemon Company Nintendo. However, the console on which you can install or play is officially owned and developed by Nintendo for its own games.

Details of APK

NamePokemon Fire Red
Size12.27 MB
Package NameUnknown
Required Android4.0 and Up

Pokemon Fire Red BR Download

In the past, there were a lot of gaming platforms which were quite famous among the kids and even people are loving those in recent time. That is Nintendo had launched its own console for various of its oldest entertaining applications in 2005. 

This gaming forum was first launched for Japan in 2004 and within a few months, it was also launched for a few European countries and North America. Right after its release, it got so much appreciation or positive response.

Although it was the 3rd generation series of the game still it got a positive response from the fans. So, still, people are demanding it in the current time which is why I have found out and shared the application for its fans. 


Its fans already know about this platform but if you are new to it then you must know its gameplay here in this paragraph. So, here players are supposed to participate in various kinds of battles that are turn-based.

In the game, the player controls his/her character from an overhead perspective and captures Pokemon. Furthermore, you need to raise and train your own Pokémon character so you can use it in upcoming battles effectively.

You can use settings’ option to configure your Protagonists and select various kinds of items as well as gameplay settings. You will be either challenged by a trainer or you will get your turn so there you are supposed to play your best moves.

If your Pokémon’s HP decreases to zero then your character will faint and you will lose. So, that is why you need to play your best and wise moves otherwise your enemies will crush you very easily. 

Although it seems very difficult or complicated when you will start it then you are going to love it. However, in the initial stages, you may face an issue if you are playing that for the first time.

But you will become skilful gradually so don’t lose hope lets download the game and try it on your phones. 

How to Play Pokemon Fire Red Apk on Android Mobile?

In the above paragraphs, I have mentioned that this can be only played via emulator which is GBA or Game Boy Advance. So, you need to download and install this software on your tablets or smartphones.

After when you will get GBA on your phones then run the ROM which is available on this page too. If you want to learn it through steps then follow the instructions given below.

  • First of all, download the file that we have shared on this page which is available in ZIP file format.
  • Now unzip it, install the Game Boy Advance and then load the ROM.
  • Then enjoy your most famous gaming app right on your mobiles.

Screenshots of the Game


Now you are free to download the latest version of Pokemon Fire Red Apk for your Android smartphones and tablets. Here below I have shared the blue colored download button so click on that and within a few seconds, it will start downloading for you.

Direct Download Link