Project Cerberus Apk Download For Android

PUBG is one of the most played games not only on the Android platform but also it is played on many other devices too via emulators such as PCs, Laptops and etc.

But it has become quite famous on Android devices. Therefore, today I have provided a tool related to this amazing game which is “Project Cerberus Apk” for Android devices.  

If you are playing it on your phones then you get all your opponents or enemies who are also playing it through mobiles. So, same for the emulator users and they get the same pairs.

Because if they merge players from all devices then it will become unfair just because players on the huge screen gets an edge. Further, they can enjoy high-quality HD graphics with 60 FRP that is why they can easily eliminate their enemies on mobile phones.

So, today’s topic is kind of interesting for you guys because it is going to help you a lot. But I will tell you about that in detail in the next paragraph.

However, for now, you will have to do a favour for me, so share this article with your friends and colleagues who are huge fans of PUBG. Because it is going to be very helpful for all of the fans.

About Project Cerberus

Project Cerberus Apk is an Android application that you can download from this article for your smartphones and tablets. Basically, it is a tool for emulators that allows you to bypass PUBG emulator detection.

Actually, by detecting your device the game decides your opponents with whom you are going to fight.

Because as I have said earlier that when it will not detect your device and let mobile players play with laptop users then the gaming will become imbalanced.

That is how the high-end laptop users will get an edge over the mobile phone users. Therefore, the official of the game has developed a system in the software which detects your devices and pairs you accordingly.

But the app or tool that I have shared here is a kind of hack because it allows you to bypass that detection system.

When you bypass the detection successfully then you will get a chance to play with those people who have low-end devices are mobile devices. That is how you can become unbeatable against the players on mobile.

This application is mainly designed for emulator users on Laptops and PCs. Because Mobile phone users may do not need this as they are already playing with the same competitors. But this can be helpful for emulator users to get the maximum output without giving so much effort.

Further, it is quite difficult for all to perform well on such huge devices because there is so much competition in that. While on Android smartphones and tablets you don’t get that much tough players or they don’t have better graphics.  

But remember that It only supports Tencent’s official emulator to do a bypass.

Details of APK

NameProject Cerberus
Size5.06 MB
Package Nameunknown
Required Android4.2 and Up
Upgrade to Premium

There you have the option to get paid services too. If you want to have more privileges. Because it is offering you so many features and hacks for the game. You have various kind of options through which you can pay such as PayPal, VISA, AMEX and many others.


Before going to download Project Cerberus Apk you must note or read this disclaimer carefully. It is a hacking tool and its usage in the game is against the rules and policies of the PUBG.

Further, it is an illegal application so its usage may lead to ban your gaming account permanently.

Therefore, the owners of this website are not responsible for any misbehave or any other kind of issue. Because we only provide these apps and games as a third-party site.

Further, all these apps and games that we share here do not belong to us. So, use it wisely and you will be responsible for all your actions.


This was a short review of the tool I hope you get basic information about it. So, after reading the article and specially disclaimer if you are still ready to download the app then click on the below button. Let’s download the latest version of Project Cerberus Apk for Android. 

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