ProxySite Apk Download For Android

Internet is quite a fascinating thing that gives us a platform where we can do a lot of things and search for anything. But there are so many websites that do not work in specific countries, or areas just because the authorities have banned or restricted them.

In that case, there is an App known as “ProxySite Apk” for Android mobile phones and tablets, which can help such users.

This application is free to download and use but you can have a premium version too if you are interested in more features. Although it is quite enough for someone to avail benefits from the free version.

In today’s article, I am going to share the new version of the App, which you can download from this article.

Apart from the Apk, you can also check out this comprehensive review of the app. I want you to please share this post and app with your friends on your social networking sites. Let’s check out what this application is all about.

About ProxySite

ProxySite Apk does not just allow you to unblock websites but also you can use for anonymous surfing. Which means not a single site or agency can trace you while using any site through the app.

That is why it is considered as one of the very powerful tools for Android mobile phones. They have their own Proxy through which they give access to various sites for free. Furthermore, it is absolutely safe and secure for its users.

This tool was launched a few years ago that is compatible with Android 4.2 and up version devices. Since then its launch it has been downloaded by thousands of users. But every few of the people are aware of this app.

So, you can help your friends and colleagues to reach it if they don’t know about it. Because it is really an amazing and useful tool. Further, it is a very light weighted application that you can download within a minute.

Details of APK

Size2.45 MB
Package Nameclub.proxysite.proxysite
Required Android4.2 and Up
Bypass any kind of Filters

YouTube and other such sites are very secure but still, this application has the ability to breach any kind of filter within seconds.

As you know that agencies or governments of various countries put filters to avoid usage of specific content. So, in that case, ProxySite Apk allows the users to breach those kinds of security filters.

Become Anonymous

You do a lot of things on the internet and you search every kind of content over there. But you have never noticed that there is always someone who has an eye on you and always tracks your actions.

So, to avoid being tracked by sites, agencies other people you can have the option to become anonymous. ProxySite provides a filter between you and the site on you are searching to make you anonymous.

Universal Tool

Overall, this tool provides a platform for millions of people from all over the world gets access to every kind of site within the application.

So, you don’t need to go outside of the application to reach each content. The best thing about it is that it is available for every country. There is not a single web that you cannot get on your phone.

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Screenshots of the App

How does it work?

To run this tool on your phones you don’t need to get register on it. You only need to do is just download the Apk file from this post and install it on your phones.

Then launch the ProxySite and get the URL of the desired web, and enter it in the URL box and press search button. Then you will see that the blocked content is now displayed on your mobile screens.


If you already have installed the app and you are using the old version then I recommend you to get the new one from here.

So, it will help you to perform better whereas the new version came up with enhanced performance. Download the latest version of ProxySite Apk for Android by clicking on below download button. 

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