Top 5 PUBG ESP Hacks [Latest 2022]

In this article we have brought you the top 5 PUBG ESP hacks from across the world. The Player Unknown Battle Ground also known as PUBG has become a trend in the present time.

Especially, the young population in many countries across the world have been glued to their Android phone screens, in the quest of Chicken dinner.

The game servers across the world see around eighty-five million players per day. A record in itself when we look at the data on a weekly and monthly basis.

The craze of this videogame is at such a level that people have reported cases of extreme addiction and psychological impacts on prolonged and regular playing individuals.

Other things apart, the game of PUBG has played a role in revolutionizing the mobile gaming in a short period of time. It tops the charts based on daily and weekly visits and the stats show an upward trajectory.

With the craze and fame of the game comes the desire of the participants to become an invincible top player of the game. This insatiable obsession to receive Winner of the Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) people are ready to go to any lengths.

List of Top 5 PUBG ESP Hacks

Not all the players are capable of achieving the milestones in the online matches for survival. Even those who can, want to perform even better and become the next level pros in achievements and accomplishments on the platform.

For such fans and followers of the game, there are shortcuts to achieve their wishes and desires. These are the cheats and PUBG Hacks available for the platform. Here we will talk about the top 5 such hacks. So, before we go for ESP Hack PUBG, let’s talk about how these cheats work.

These hacks are actually in the form of a script. These are applied on your phone that makes changes to the PUBGM software on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

This gives the user additional advantages to the player in the gameplay. So let’s talk about the top 5 PUBG hacks that you can try with a bonus at the end.

1 Walter Black PUBG

This is the number one cheat tool for the platform, hands down.  It rose to fame soon after the release by its developers. If you have been into the hacking on the PUBG platform. There is a great possibility that you might have heard the name.

This app provides the most comprehensive and lethal tool in employing all the major hacks. No lag, no glitch, and smooth implementation on the platform with the super ability to evade the hack filters employed by the gaming platform makes it number one on this list. If you haven’t used it already Walter Black PUBG is a must-try.


This is the second hacking tool on the list of hacks for PUBGM. Dominate your opponents completely with the cheat list that this software brings for you. Be the king of the arena.

All the coming Winner Chicken Dinner titles, for sure, belong to you. Employ multiple cheats simultaneously with just the tap of your fingers and you will see the magic unfolding immediately.

This simple to use cheat list with a long long list of hack options makes the PUBG ESP one of the top contenders for the number one spot.

3 AMG NO Root

This hack tool as the name suggests gives you a respite from the winding and long procedure of deploying cheats on the game platform.

Yes, you can use it without having to root your mobile. With Anti-ban filters integrated into it, a cool and simple way of getting your way through the difficult tasks.

What does this mean? This means you can find the hack lists directly on your game-screen without having to install additional software such as virtual apps etc.

This tool has been made after prolonged demands form the players and include on-demand objects, option, and tools. Give the AMG No Root a try and tell us about your experience.

4 Groot ESP

This cheat tool is specifically designed for the PUBGM players. If you are looking for real-time hack deployment on the platform. Give this app a try.

It gives you options like wallhack with magic bullets, unlimited UCs with battle points, automatic firing with rapid-fire ability, and anti-banning feature with unlimited skins unlocked for you.

With a very user-friendly interface and simple toggle button to employ and remove hacks from the gameplay, this is one of the best out there for you. Groot ESP is a fruitful ESP. Must try.

5 Venum PUBG

Last in the list but topnotch in functioning. Venum as the name suggests is the poison for your foes. Obliterate the enemies with a single tap. You can be the master of the arena within a minute with this hacking tool on your mobile phone.

This comes with anti-ban capability, so worrying about the detection and ban is a thing of the past. Enjoy the cheats like no recoil, anti-shake, small crosshair, aimbot, player antenna, anti-crash, and much more. Just on this one single app of Venum PUBG.

Bonus PUBG ESP Hack App

FNMODS ESP has entered the arena of the PUBG hacks recently and has seen a surge in installations. It is liked by the users as it is the latest and integrates all the demands put forward by the users. How about checking it out as well. You can download FNMODS ESP APK from here.


with this, the top 5 PUBG ESP Hacks list comes to conclusion. This enlists all the major hacks for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. You can try them and tell us about your experience.

Rate them and give your feedback. With that being said. We recommend the user to install virtual applications in addition to these. Better be safe than sorry.