How to Get Free UC in Season 14 [PUBG]

Every online game we play provides some basic tools and equipment for free. However, if we want to expand our belongings and abilities it takes investment. PUBG game has a currency of its own as well. So here we will address the query How to get free UC in season 14.

The PUBG’s currency as we know it by the name UC is not easy to obtain. It takes money and resources. We, know it is not possible for all to purchase it. Therefore we are here with a couple of working tricks that will let you have free PUBG UC.

How to Get Free UC in Season 14

Season 14 is the latest season of PUBG and people are asking how to get the UC for free in this season of the game. We know how important this is to buy royale pass. Once you have it you can enjoy many additional and unique awards with it.

The Online game store of this videogame has some jaw-dropping products that include emotes, skins, characters, costume sets, and much much more. All of this we want to avail of, but for that, unfortunately, what we need is UC.

So let’s talk about the method that will let you get free UC in Season 14 of this shoot for survival game.

To avail free of cost PUBG UC in Season 14 you can use the EGamer App, mGamer MOD App, or Rheo App to have as much of it as you want

Free PUBG UC with mGamer MOD

This is a free app that you can use to get not just PUBG but other favorite game currencies as well. Here when you install the application you will be given games, tournaments, surveys, and other activities to perform. When you get your job done. You will be awarded coins. These coins then you can use to buy many game currencies among these include UC for Season 14 of PUBGM.

The app is totally legal and you don’t have to worry about any underhand motives. The app transfers legit currency from the official PUBGM site. Check out more about mGamer MOD APP if you are interested

Use EGamer for Free UC in Season 14

This is another application similar to mGamer and it lets you have the UC in Season 14. All you need to do is participate in various events offered to you by the platform and collect coins. The activities may be to watch videos, fill surveys, play fun games, and other miscellaneous options.

In return you will be awarded the coin, these then you can use to redeem UC or any other game currency. Learn more about this app here Egamer App.

Get Free UC in Season 14 with Rheo

Rheo is an Indian live streaming mobile app. Here you have to engage with streamers, play in the personalized rooms, participate in various other activities, and try your luck in giveaways among other things.

In return for your activities and time spent you will be rewarded with Rheo coins. Now you can use these coins to redeem UC in the PUBGM mobile. For example, for the cost of 600 Reho Coins, you can purchase 60 UC, or invest 3000 coins and get 325 UC and other such offers to get what you want.

If you watch a stream for 10 minutes you become eligible to get a card. In addition, a bonus scratch card will be awarded if you use the app for some days without absences. You can collect free coins even if you log in to the app daily.

But in this way, you will have to wait for long to collect and convert the coins. The faster way to follow is to join the custom rooms created by various streamers and win more coins for your time investment.

If you fulfill the conditions each streamer has it is easy to get more coins in a short period of time. This in return you can convert to the UC and enjoy what was not available for you earlier.

Final Words

These methods work and people are using them to get Free UC in Season 14 of the PUBGM game. These all are legitimate and legal methods and you can try them as well and enjoy a luxurious life on the platform without any worry.