Remove Chinese Apps Apk Download for Android [Latest]

All that comes from china carries a negative connotation. What about the mobile applications that originate from there? If you are looking for an Android app to ‘Remove Chinese apps’ from your mobile. You are in the right place.

China has emerged as a leader in technology and the mobile phone industry is one such category where it holds a firm share in the market especially in production, and none other country come near to it in comparison.

In recent times, it has captured a lion’s share in mobile software as well. Yet there are concerns of security when it comes to allowing the Chinese made software run on your Android phone. If you are looking for a China app remover, you can find the Apk here.

What is Remove Chines Apps?

Western media has repeatedly accused the Chinese of illegal and unauthorized collection of personal and private data of consumers.

Do you have a concern too, about these apps and looking to remove china apps form your mobile phone? This application, remove Chinese apps Apk has been launched for people like you.

Just for the people who are wary of such applications existing on the phone and yet cannot find or know exactly about these apps.

China is a country known for its highhanded handling of all the affairs form public to private. With the proliferation of made in china mobile applications on the phones, there is a lot of talk around the security of these applications as well.

The country is known to the world as one obsessed with the security data. You must be hearing news of hacks carried out by them to collect valuable data from the citizens and government equally. Even the hardware of certain computers was found tinkered with during the manufacturing in that country.

So how insecure you should be while installing or using the Chinese applications on your mobile. The data privacy associated with the devices is very important and everyone should be cautious when it comes to the privacy and use of personal information.

Unfortunately, Chinese companies in the past have been accused of not coming clean on their handling of the private data of mobile consumers. With thousands of Chinese apps on the play store, you cannot say whether you are using a Chinese mobile application or not with certainty.

To your surprise, even if you have not installed such an app, the chance is that your mobile phone came with preinstalled applications originating from there.

If you are of the view that your concern for the safety of your data and privacy is well-founded and need to know immediately what chines apps are currently installed on your mobile phone and want to uninstall them.

Well in that case we have brought you Apk of such an application. It is called Remove China Apps and has been downloaded by many people to search, find, and eliminate such apps from their smartphones.

Apk Details

NameRemove China Apps
Size3.84 MB
DeveloperOneTouch AppLabs
Package Namecom.chinaappsremover
Required Android4.03 and Up

Feature of Remove China Apps Apk

This application for Android mobiles, smartphones, and devices has been created for just one purpose. It searches your phone for all made in China applications, or applications that have been developed by companies owned by Chinese.

Then give you a one-tap option to remove all of them at once. It has a simple interface that can be used by anyone, and free for download. It can even work on basic Android phones and comes with no price tag.

So if you want to use it, just download, install, and utilized it, it will save a lot of time for you and spare you the task of manually finding one after another application yourself.

How to Download the Remove Chinese Apps

Follow the given steps here to download the China app remover for your Android mobile phone or Tablet.

  •  Tap/Click on the button given at the end of this article (this will initiate the download automatically).
  •  Tap/Click on the APK file
  •  Tap on the app and enable Unknown Sources option
  •  Tap next to install the APK on your device.

With this, remove the china app is now on your mobile and you can find on the screen by looking for the logo with the text Remove Chinese apps. Thereafter you can use it right away to erase all the unwanted applications from your device.

How to Use Remove China App

To utilize the china app remover on your smartphone, just download it from here and follow the steps mentioned above to install it on your device. Once installed follow the given steps.

Open the application and scan your android device for all the applications coming from china or with Chinese origin. The remove china app developer has created it to automatically detect all such apps and arrange them for you on the screen.

Once the scan is complete, you will see the apps lined up on the mobile screen. After this rest of the work is very simple, you can select the application that you do not want on your phone anymore, and just tap to delete them from your phone forever.

With these steps followed, your mobile phone will be free of any Chinese apps, this is how the latest Chinese app remover cleans your mobile.

ScreenShots of the App

OneTouch AppLabs

The Remove China apps has been developed by OneTouch AppLabs. It is an India IT Startup working form Jaipur that works in web designing, web applications, and development.

The owner of the OneTouch AppLabs is an Indian and the company is located in Jaipur Rajasthan India. Among many products related to information technology, it is the owner of Remove China Apps.


Remove Chinese Apps is an Android application designed to look for all the made in China software applications on your device.

It searches for such applications, lines them up, and gives you the option to select and remove the ones you do not want on your phone. It is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, and free for use.

To get the Apk file and remove all the unwanted apps from your device, simply click on the download button given down here.

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