Roto Arm APK Download for Android [Latest Version]

What it is like to live as a farmer? In a village away from the noise and pollution of a city. Growing crops, moving grass, and tilling soil in a vast farm across the horizon? You can feel it by installing Roto Arm APK, also known as Farm Simulator 20.

If you have ever dreamt of living a village life. Here is a simulation game for you. That you can get on your Android mobile phone or tablet and start living like a hardworking farmer.

Find out what it is like to sow seeds, grow crops, how to do that, and what after the yield is ready. You can find out this and more by finding the Farm Simulator 20 APK on this site.

What is Roto Arm APK?

This is a mobile simulation game for Android. What you do is you live a farmer’s life on a huge farm. If you work hard. You can grow multiple crops. Tend to them until the yield is ready. Then you can take it to market and sell it to earn money and build your estate.

Here you are not on your own to do all this hard work manually. You can make use of the latest farm machinery such as tractors to prepare the land for sowing the crop. Then use the combine harvester to gather the crop yield for storage. Once the grains are collected you can sell on the market to earn money.

Build a career for yourself from scratch and become a successful farm manager on your own estate. Grow crops and harvest in time to get ready for next season. Manage over 100 different tools and machines.

APK Details

NameRoto Arm APK
Size569.57 MB
DeveloperGIANTS Software
Price$ 1-3 USD
Required Android7.0 and Above

Roto Arm APK Game Features

Roto Arm APK features are amazing and will put you through the ways of a farmer’s life. Some of these are mentioned as under.

  • Invest your time and strength in growing crops.
  • Prepare your land soil to grow fruits, grains, and vegetables.
  • Feed your livestock to collect milk
  • Raise and ride horses to explore the world around
  • Learn new and novel ways to increase your harvest and overall income with each growing season.
  • Educate yourself, if you want to gain knowledge about real-life farming.

You can download the APK file for your Android run smartphone or device by clicking on the link below. Once it is on your file storage, tap on it, and install it.

Now you are ready to start a new life. Give your best to get maximum return from the soil. Roto Arm is for you to earn and learn at the same time.

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