Shala Swachhta Gunak Apk 2023 Download For Android [New]

A positive initiative was addressed by the Government of Gujarat including UNICEF. To improving school sanitation problems inside Gujarat Schools and Colleges. In terms of monitoring and getting the latest information, the government has offered to Download Shala Swachhta Gunak.

The key ambition of developing this Swachhta Gunak Android application is to assist in improving school sanitation. And get alternative options through which the government can easily handle the Sanitation issues. Even the state has recently approved this special grant to improve sanitation problems.

Though India is a developing country and lifestyle of an average person is improving continuously. But the federal was unsuccessful to address one problem which is a basic thing for the average person. Including students and that is a proper sanitation system.

In the last couple of years, the federal was planning to initiate a program. So they can easily bring this improvement among people and avoid different related to school sanitation. But due to lake of information and data, the government was unsuccessful to launch the program.

But addressing the problems and working for a long time. The government of Gujarat was successful to launch this program with the name of App Shala Swachhta Gunak Gujarat. To address the sanitation problems and bring consciousness among children including adults to overcome sanitation issues.

So if you are from Gujarat and think that it is a good initiative by the government and UNICEF. Then download the Gujarat App from here for free. And help the state to resolve the sanitation problem by providing pictures and the latest information.

Shala Swachhta Gunak Apk

Shala Swachhta Gunak Gujarat School Sanitation is an online ongoing project. Installing the Android App allows the users to get all the details. Plus provide different e-learning modules including wash performance. Remember the App is developed focusing purely academic purposes.

The primary purpose of developing this Android application is to bring all the details under one single package. And analyzing the data will help the government to suggest and recommend concerned departments. To resolve the sanitation-related problem in less time.

Before beginning with the implementation and operation stage. The first step is to the deployment of information including social media advertisements. Then the next step is the collection and analysis process where the data is processed. And suggest different steps to resolve the problem.

From collection to the implementation process, the state decided to develop this new application known as Shala Swachhta Gunak Gujarat Apk. Installing the app will enable the user to access core features. Which includes Dashboard, login, Instructions and Latest Information etc.

Details of APK

NameShala Swachhta Gunak
Size17.02 MB
DeveloperGraylogic Technologies
Package Namecom.glt.SSG_SVP_2020
Required Android5.0 and Plus

Basically, the application is developed focusing on educational institutes. Because the government already analyzed the lack of attendance and the spreading of disease among students. Due to the lack of sanitation facilities including Wash.

To access the data and information, the user needs to register with the app first. For the registration process School ID and Mobile Number are compulsory. During registration, the user needs to identify his/her occupation. Because the features will be reachable to the user accordingly.

Key Features of The App

  • The Apk doesn’t support third-party ads.
  • Registration is compulsory for accessing features.
  • For the registration process, a mobile number is obligatory.
  • School ID is also required during registration.
  • To access the dashboard the user needs to login inside the application.
  • Inside the dashboard, the user will find different options including the latest information
  • Even the user can upload information regarding sanitation.
  • E-learning is also integrated with different modules on Wash Performance for Teachers Enhance understanding.
  • Here the project involves key stakeholders.
  • The reports generated by the system can be entered inside final submission section.
  • Here the App offered key information on school sanitation and training teachers.
  • A detailed instruction PPT is provided for teachers’ training.
  • The App l is structured for collecting information.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Shala Swachhta Gunak Gujarat

In terms of downloading the updated version of Apk Files. Mobile users can trust our website because we only provide original and authentic files. To make sure the user is entertained with the right product, we install the same Apk over different devices.

Once we are sure that the application is free of malware and operational to use. Then we provide it inside the download section. To download the latest version of Shala Swachhta Gunak App please click on provided download link.

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  1. Does App Requires Shala Swachhta Gunak Login Details?

    Yes, accessing the main dashboard requires login credentials.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Apk File?

    Yes, the Android App is completely safe to install and use.

  3. Is It Possible To Download App From Google Play Store?

    No, the Android App is recently removed from Google Play Store. However, Android users easily download the App from here with one click.


Thus if any user wants to contribute to the Gujarat Government initiative. Then we recommend they to download and install the Apk File from here. Which is accessible to download from our website for free.

During the installation and utilization process if you face any problems feel free to contact us.

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