Sivan Wallet Loan App Download For Android [Instant Loans]

Nowadays everyone is looking to get an instant loan over a low-interest rate. Although, financial institutes including banks provide financial support. But the interest rates are considered quite higher and unaffordable. So focusing assistance we brought Sivan Wallet Loan App.

The Loaning App is considered free to access and require no subscription. The people around the globe including Indians are struggling badly. To improve their lifestyle by building a business legacy. Yet the majority of those are unable to get financial support.

Though financial institutes like Banks are present out there. But the process is considered time-consuming and hectic. Even the interest rate a higher and considered unaffordable. Therefore considering people’s assistance the developers brought Sivan Wallet Loan For Android.

What is Sivan Wallet Apk

Sivan Wallet Loan App is considered an online financial android application structured by Sivan Fleet. The purpose of structuring this alternative application. Was to provide an alternative source where android users can easily manage to get instant loans.

Due to huge hike in oil process and inflation. The people around the globe are suffering badly. Even the experts declare a recession on its way. Hence due to this huge increase in inflation, plenty of people already get unemployed.

Hence the unemployment rate is hiking and the prices are also increasing. Even those who are willing to start their own businesses may require investment. Yet without owning enough money, it is considered impossible to move further.

The financial institutes including banks provide financial support. But the interest over instalments are bit higher. Even the policies to get a loan seems difficult and hectic. So in such situation, we recommend android users to install Sivan Wallet Download.

Details of APK

NameSivan Wallet
Size31.89 MB
DeveloperSivan Fleet
Required Android4.0 and Plus

Now integrating the particular app inside smartphone may allow android users. To get an instant loan over low-interest rate inside wallet. All they require to do is just provide some basic documentation and information.

Even the appliers never require to visit any banks for getting a loan. Just integrate this single application and apply for financial support from 1000 to 100000 staying at home. The sanctioned money will be deposited inside wallet.

Apart from granting higher loans, people can also get small basic loans from 1000 to 10000. The repayment plan for such figures may vary upon applier capacity. The maximum time for completing the loan is 90 days.

For larger loans, the repayment plan may vary from 90 days to 36 months. Even the interest rate may also vary, depending on money. The money can be easily transferred from the wallet into different banking accounts.

Moreover, the users can also transact money from any nearby branch. Hence you are stuck in an emergency situation and looking to get instant financial support. Then we suggest those download Sivan Wallet Loan App and get an instant loan in less time.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The Apk file is free to access.
  • Registration is mandatory.
  • For registration, a personal cellular number is required.
  • An OTP will be sent over a mobile number.
  • Submitting the OTP will confirm user verification.
  • There are plenty of different categories are provided.
  • Each category will provide different information.
  • Just select the amount you are looking to get.
  • Then provide some basic information.
  • Including basic documents.
  • Now get instant loans.
  • The interest rates are considered minimum.
  • The annual payment plans are also different.
  • Users can apply for loans while staying at home.
  • They never required to visit any office.
  • All the amount will be sanctioned inside wallet.
  • The app interface was kept simple.
  • Notification reminder will help keep user up to date.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Sivan Wallet Loan App

Previously the application was considered reachable to access from Play Store. However, now it is removed from there permanently. Though we are not sure of the factual reasons for removing of application.

Yet android users are still searching for an online source. To download the latest version of Apk file. However, they are unable to find one. So those android users are requested to visit our website to download direct Apk file.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

The application we are presenting here is purely managed by third party. Hence we never support direct copyrights. There are multiple complaints registered by people. And they seem pretty angry about the platform. Hence install and get an instant loan at your own risk.

Here on our website, we already shared plenty of other similar loaning apps. Those are fruitful and productive to use. If you are willing to get those apps then install provided Apk files. Which are 9JA Cash Apk and Jet Prima Apk.


If you belong to India and are always seeking of finding an online secure platform. That assists android users in getting an instant loan over the lowest interest rates. Then in this regard, we recommend those download Sivan Wallet Loan App for free.

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