Slime Rancher Apk Download For Android [2021]

Are you an adventure lover and love to explore new things inside the gameplay? If yes then we brought this new game for mobile users known as Slime Rancher Apk. In which the player has to explore new places including upgrade current facilities to build career.

Thus the gameplay was launched many years ago but due to lack of positive changes. The game was unsuccessful to gain popularity among gamers. When the developers aim the positive upgradations then the play was successful to gain popularity among players.

When the player starts playing the game than it starts with a story. Where the player is far away from earth 100 light-years. And to travel back and explore new places the experts added different facilities including teleport machine. To access the machine it requires upgrades.

There is a vacuum sucker gun is handed to the character. It will help the gamer suck different products including carrots, chicken pop and smaller chickens. Even the gamer has to maintain the fields to control the population of chickens.

So it keeps the player safe from attacks because when the bigger chickens are not fed with food in time. Then they’ll start to get angry and attract each other including the hero. Means to keep yourself safe the player must control the population.

Moreover when we compare the older version with the current new one. Then we found these new places inside the map. Also, some new features also popup inside the game. Which gives the player new powers and skins. That can benefit the player in upcoming events.

What is Slime Rancher Apk

Basically, it is arcade gameplay where the player has to gain points. To unlock different features including rocket booster or water tanker etc. Which will help the gamer in flying to cover long-distance places in less time.

Furthermore, the water tank will help the player to grow new fields and grow some carrots. To feed chickens and earn their pop as points. Sometime when you don’t feed the chickens in time than they start hunt other smaller ones.

Details of APK

NameSlime Rancher
Version v1.0.3
Size16.67 MB
DeveloperDevfree games
Package Namecom.kimoapps.slimeveri
Required Android2.2 and Plus

Even they start eating your points which will ultimately risk your career in terms of upgradation. So you need to use your mind and take quick action. One major point which we forget to mention treasures, yeah you hear us right.

There are several hidden treasures placed in caves. Even the players can take help of map to explore new places including treasures. But there is one problem to open these treasures and those are keys. To unlock treasures it requires a key.

And keys can be discovered by upgrading your equipment inside the game. If you believe your skills are up to the mark and have the potential to build a career in less time. Then download the Slime Rancher 2020 Apk from here.

Key Features of The App

The gameplay is full of unique features and adventure. And it is not possible to mention every single detail down here. Aiming the user assistance we manage to mention some of the key points down here.

  • Inside the game, the players are offered multiple features including boosters.
  • Which will help them discover new things in less time.
  • Moreover, to control the game it requires planning.
  • Because when the population over excides than it will start harvest their own kinds.
  • Hidden treasures are also placed in different places.
  • To unlock the treasures it require keys.
  • It doesn’t require registration for playing the game.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Game

In terms of download the latest version of Apk Files. Android users can trust our website because we only provide authentic and original Apps. To download the latest version of Slime Rancher For Android please click on provided download link.

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Initially, the game was only playable over PC’s but considering the mobile trend, the developers released the mobile version.

To experience the gameplay by yourself please download the updated version of Slime Rancher Apk from here. During downloading if you face any problem feel free to contact us.  

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