Strange VPN Apk Free Download For Android [New 2022]

Today I am going to share an amazing tool or you can call it Application for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is “Strange VPN” for Android devices that you can use to serve the internet anonymously. If you are interested to download the app then you can have it from this article. 

I have provided the latest version of this application right in this post which will let you use the new and updated features. This is one of the most famous applications currently for Android phones.

I have received tons of requests for it. Therefore, I finally found it and now made it available here for free of cost.

Apart from the VPN people are also searching for the procedure of its usage, installation and many other related issues. That is why I am going to give a solution and those help users to understand everything about the application.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of people searching for this on the internet. So, I recommend you guys to please share this post as well as the Strange VPN Apk file with your friends. 

Before going to download the file, I recommend you guys to please read this article at least once so it will help you to use it properly.

About Strange VPN  

Strange VPN Apk is an Android application that allows its users to serve the internet anonymously. When you will open this tool, it will restrict all kinds of sites and organizations to trace your location or IP.

As you may know that most of the companies or websites try to get information from where you are using their services to use it for their personal interest. But sometimes there are so many harmful sites which use that for illegal activities.

Therefore, you need to have protection and that can be only done through Strange VPN. However, sometimes we search for some sensitive topics or other private things such as porn for which we also need such VPNs.

Otherwise, the authoritative agencies may trace you easily and take legal actions against you.

Details of APK

NameStrange VPN
Size1.2 MB
Package Namecom.github.xfalcon.vhosts
Required Android4.4 and Up
CategoryApps Tools

What is a VPN?

Well, I don’t know how many of you know about VPNs or such things. But I am going to tell you what it actually is and what it’s major usage. Basically, it is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network.

As its name shows it all that they provide you a virtual network to use internet services in private. So, there is no chance that someone is monitoring you except GOD!

It gives you unknown IP addresses and locations to operate in any country. Such things are mostly paid but there are few of them which offer you free tools with limited bandwidth and locations. 

How do they work?

By the way, I am not going into deep of its technicalities because I am not an IT expert. But I can tell you how it works in a simple way. So, basically when you open such tools from your phones or other devices they encrypt or hide your data.

After launching the tool, you select a location or IP then it goes to the server of that VPN. So, from there it sends the fake or virtual address and data to the online destinations or sites on which you are working. That is how it works or it keeps you secure from those destinations. 

However, whether these are secure to use or not it is another question that has further so many dimensions. For example, some are very famous and reputable so they ensure your safety whereas there is so much low-quality stuff on Google which can be harmful.

I have used so many such things on my smartphone as well as on my laptop. Because we all need them to at least stay safe from being tacked. 

However, I do not recommend either I say don’t use it but it is up to you if you need it then it is okay you can use it.  

Why use VPNs?

There are various kinds of reasons for which someone can utilize it or exploit it. But the major or genuine reason I consider is to a server securely.

Because in this advanced technological era there are so many complications when it comes to the privacy of yourself as well as your data. So, one cannot trust anything very easily.

One another reason which is also important that there are some services which are only available for specific countries or locations. But they can be useful for you which is why you want to use them.

So, in that case, to get access to those services you need to have this application that I have provided for you right in this post. 

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Strange VPN Download for PUBG

The major reason people are admiring this amazing virtual private network Apk is that it allows them to hack the PUBG game. PUBG is currently one of the mega gaming platforms for Android which has millions of registered users and it is a kind of addictive game.

But it is quite difficult to play therefore, most people try to use PUBG hacks, Scripts, and many other things to perform better.

But to complete such actions successfully or without any problem, they need Strange VPN Download for PUBG. Because it has unlimited hosting space and Bandwidth for free of cost. 

Why use it for PUBG

You may think that if there are so many such apps on Google then why should we choose this one. Basically, it is specially designed for such gaming platforms.

Moreover, when you are playing the game, other such stuff shuts down or closes by itself. So, in that case, the sophisticated security system of PUBG detects that illegal activity and bands your account permanently.

Whereas this application that I have shared here is specially designed for that purpose and does not stop while you are playing the game. So, it keeps your account safe from being detected and banned. That is why it is one of the best options for you to use it on such a platform. 

Strange VPN Host

If you have made your mind to use it for PUBG then you will need to have a few more files or extra materials for that. So, after the installation, you will have to launch the app and load this Strange VPN Host File.

You also need Strange VPN Host Apk, not for only PUBG but also to run that whole application. Because it does not work until and unless you don’t load or provide the Host file Apk by selecting it from the storage after downloading it from here.

also need Strange VPN Host Apk, not for only PUBG but also to run that whole application. Because it does not work until and unless you don’t load or provide the Host file Apk by selecting it from the storage after downloading it from here.

So, you can also download the host Apk file from this article which is absolutely free just like its main app.  

Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of Strange VPN
Screenshot of Strange VPN Apk
Screenshot of Strange VPN Host

How to Use Strange VPN?

This question is one of the very important things to know about. Therefore, in this paragraph, I am going to tell you how you can use it.

Before moving to next I just want to make it clear that there are two dimensions of its usage. First how you can use it for PUBG and how to use it for other tasks such as serving the internet while hiding all your location details.

So, for both things, you will the Apk file of the main application as well as the Host File. Because it will ask you to load the Host Apk or file when you will try to connect to the virtual private network. 

  1. First of all, download the latest Apk and host file from this page.
  2. Then install it on that device where you want to use it.
  3. Launch the application or open it.
  4. Now you will see a button of Select Host File so click on that option.
  5. Then you will get a menu from where you will have to select that file about which I have talked earlier which is known as Host file or it also is known as Anti Banned Host. 
  6. Now it will ask connection requests then allow it or tap on the OK button.
  7. Don’t close the app but you can minimize it and that is how you can use it for normal internet serving.

Video Tutorial On Using The App

How to use it to hack PUBG?

If you want to use it on this mega gaming platform then you will have to download some other applications too.

So, you need these apps as well as files such as Veteran Apk, Game Guardian Apk, VPN Host File, hacking Scripts and Strange virtual private network. Then follow the mentioned steps here below.

  1. Install all the apps one by one that I have mentioned in the above paragraph but do not open them right after installation.
  2. After when you will be done with the installation of all those apps, open the Strange virtual private network app.
  3. Click on Select Host File and load that file which you have downloaded and its name is Anti Banned Host.
  4. Then open the Veteran apk that you have installed on your phone.
  5. Then it will give you a plus sign option of your screen so click on that and add PUBG game to it.
  6. While staying in the same app there you will have Game Guardian App so click on that.
  7. You will get a menu with a description so click on Fix it or OK button at the end of that page.
  8. It will ask you to download a new version but don’t click on that option just tap on the OK option.
  9. Then go back to the Veteran and open or tap on the game.
  10. On the game screen you will see an icon of Game guardian so tap on that.
  11. You will get a menu with multiple options to select the option with the name of PUBG Mobile only.
  12. Again, it will open another menu so there select settings option and checkmark or select all the options there.
  13. Click on the back button and press the search icon on that same menu and open that option with three bars.
  14. Then select an execute option where you will get another option to select a script.
  15. Now provide or load that script which you have downloaded and click on execute again.
  16. Select no option in a bypass crash. 
  17. Now you are done with everything so click on the icon of that GameGuardian and select that hack you want.
  18. There are multiple options you can choose all those options or you can also go with one.


This was a short review of the application that you are going to have from here. However, we are not responsible for any kind of issue with or within these products.

Because they are not our own official apps or files. Further, we don’t recommend someone to use such hacking techniques. But if you are still ready to download the latest version of Strange VPN for Android, then click on the below download button.


Q 1. Is it legal to use the Strange VPN App for Android?

Ans. It is absolutely legal to use no matter on what device you are using it. But it depends on the usage for what kind of purpose you are using it. 

Q 2. Can I hack the PUBG game?

Ans. Yes, you can hack some of its features or things in the game.

Q 3. Is it free to download?

Ans. Yes, it is free to download and use but you can donate some amount if you want to.

Q 4. How Much Bandwidth does it offer?

Ans. You get unlimited bandwidth for free.