Survival Challenge Survival Apk Download For Android [Latest 2022]

A new gaming app is trending among android gamers with the name of Squid Survival Game. Which is actually copied from a film series. Considering the gamers requests multiple different gaming apps are available. But here we brought this new Survival Challenge Survival.

When we install the gaming application on android devices. We found the gameplay simple and easy to use. This means gamers can enjoy the game on all android devices. Either you are using an old and outdated Android smartphone.

The gameplay works smoothly on all devices. While playing the game we found plenty of different key items inside. And here we gonna discuss those details mannerly. So you are interested in gameplay and ready to enjoy with friends then download the game from here.

What is Survival Challenge Survival Apk

Survival Challenge Survival Android is an online plus offline gaming application structured by MobiGreen inc. Previously multiple versions of similar gaming apps were structured by experts. And most of those reachable apps were 2D in nature.

This means the gamers gonna experience a 2D effect with lower graphics. If we talk about this particular 2D Gameplay then we found this game interested and well defined. The graphics including colours used inside the game are very clear.

To make the gameplay simpler and easy to play. These different movement buttons are added. Remember this separate button is added in extra. Now pressing that particular button will help the gamer in jumping higher.

The gamer is successful in jumping higher, the more he/she will cover the distance. If you believe you’re good at sensing the differentials and can easily detect clever moments. Then you should judge your playing skills by installing the Squid Game Survival Game app.

Details of APK

NameSurvival Challenge Survival
Size74.11 MB
DeveloperMobiGreen inc
Required Android6.0 and Plus
CategoryGames Arcade

Currently, here we are holding the android version of gaming app for smartphone users. This means only android users can take advantage of the gaming app. While playing the game over different devices, we found different key features inside.

That includes Multiple Characters, Skins, Money, Key Controls and Advanced Graphics. To make the gameplay more attractive and user friendly. This advanced graphics were used inside gameplay to make the differentials clear and detectable.

Those who are newbies to this gameplay and are not aware of tricks. Must read the article carefully because this will help understanding the game easily. While playing the game, players may saw this red line in front of a clock.

When the clock starts ticking then players are instructed to move forwards fastly. As soon as the doll stops singing and move the head frontward. Now stop moving, because moving while the doll is looking may eliminate you and begin the game from start.

Over crossing the field successfully in the time before being eliminated. Will offer this big cash prize that could help in unlocking other key characters. So you are ready to play this incredible gameplay with friends then install Survival Challenge Survival Download.

Key Features of The Apk

  • Free to download from here.
  • Accessible with one click option.
  • No registration is required.
  • No advanced subscription needed.
  • Simple to control with a single touch.
  • For more easy control these different keys are added.
  • Different maps with multiple hurdles.
  • Single and versus both modes are available.
  • 3D reflect by statue tag only.
  • It does support third-party ads.
  • But will appear over screen rarely.
  • The gameplay is compatible with multiple devices.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download Survival Challenge Survival Game

Presently the Play Store is flooded with different gaming apps. And most of those are easily accessible to install over a single click. But when it comes to this particular gaming app then it is placed in a restrictive category.

This means Android users are not allowed to access the file directly. So what should android gamers do in such scenario when they are not able to access the game? Then those gamers are instructed to visit our website and download the app.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk?

The gaming app we are supporting here is already been installed over different devices and found no error. Even it is smoothly installed on multiple smartphones easily. So android gamers can install and play the game easily.

Multiple other Squid Game related Apk files are already shared over here. Hence you love to explore those gaming apps must follow the links. Which are Squid Game Challenge Apk and Squid Royale Game Apk.


If you love the film series and are ready to experience the game edition. Then what are waiting for? Just download the latest version of Survival Challenge Survival Apk from here. And enjoy defeating the doll by showing clever moves.

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