Task Mate Apk Download For Android [Earn 2022]

Google is showing its goodwill gesture towards India. Because, India is considered among very few countries, where the IT Industry is booming. And the young talent generation is contributing online. Considering the young energy, Google has launched this new app Task Mate Apk.

Hence Google believes in help and contribution. And aiming their goal, Google launched this new application inside India. Installing the Apk will give mobile users an opportunity in terms of earning online money by answering different questions.

We forget to mention that, currently the beta version released inside the market. And due to country restriction, the Task Mate Google Play might not be available to download over Play Store. So those who want to participate can download it from here.

Because focusing the current demand we also provided the updated version over here. As from Earning App title it is clear that those who download it inside their smartphone. Needs to follow the guidelines and complete multiple tasks.

Means TaskMate Google Apk will offer users multiple tasks. Which includes Record Spoken Sentence, Transcribe Sentences and Check Shop Details. The main goal of the users will be to provide the correct answer offering evidence.

As we mention here if the users are unsuccessful in providing the correct information plus credentials. Then their completed tasks will be rejected and leave a wrong impression on their accounts. So before selecting the task, users must make his/her mind that is it possible.

The main ambition of our website is to provide an authentic application plus information. To make sure, we installed the Google Task Mate Apk over different devices. Even run it over multiple devices, to make sure the user will be entertained with the right product.

What is Task Mate Apk

Basically, the Task Mate application is developed by Google LLC for android mobile users. The main reason for providing this App was to offer an alternative source. Through which the android users can easily earn money in a difficult situation.

We all are familiar with the current economic crises the world is facing. Even millions of people already lost their jobs in Asian countries including India due to pandemic situation. So Installing Task Mate App will be a new hope who are educated and unemployed.

When we dig inside the application, we found three multiple tasks. Which the user needs to complete in the given time. Because if any user is unsuccessful in completing the task than the app will offer it to another person.

Details of APK

NameTask Mate
Size14.59 MB
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Package Namecom.google.android.apps.nbu.tinytask
Required Android5.0 and Plus
CategoryApps Tools

There is one thing which we forget about Google Task Mate App. That is it requires full registration with referral code to signup or access the dashboard. Don’t worry about because we gonna mention every single detail below here.

But the registration process is necessary and the main objective of registration is to keep user data safe. Plus it will safely keep the task formulation to built user confidence. To access the tasks, users must register with the platform using Google Account.

How To Get Task Mate Referral Code?

The question is legit but there is one thing which the user needs to understand. That Task Mate Invitation Code is necessary to affiliate and access the platform dashboard. Without this code, it is not possible to sign up or sign in into the application.

To get the referral code there are two simple procedures. The initial step is to request the platform to generate a fresh new Google Task Referral Code. The second option is easy and very simple, hence you need to request someone who is already registered with the application.

Means those who are successful in registering with the platform, can also generate fresh new Task Mate Referral Code India for the new users. Now using that code any user can easily sign up and participate in terms of earning online money.

Remember though it is legalized inside your country but if you don’t have Google Task App Referral Code. Then it is impossible to sign up and participate inside task conduction. So by hook or crook user must get a new referral code.

Screenshots of The App

How To Use The App

This is the best opportunity for Indian android mobile users to earn money without submitting any documentation. First, the user needs to register with the application using the Google Task Mate Referral Code. Then access the application dashboard and click on an individual task.

As we explained above that there are three main tasks. The first task is Record Spoken Sentence, which means the app will offer a sentence and user need to read the sentence correctly enabling recording mode. Next second task is Transcribe Sentences, in which the user must translate the sentence and record it.

The third one is to check the shop details, where the user must follow the address. Read the credentials properly and take a photo of location to cross-check the address. Because Google wants to verify the address plus information.

Hope reading the above information will make it easier to understand the application. To make it more responsive the developers integrated advance payment system. Hence now the user will be payable in local currency without any tension.

How To Download The App

When we talk about downloading the latest version of Apk files. Then we recommend mobile users to trust on our website because we only share authentic and original Apps. To make sure the user will be entertained with the right product.

We install the same file over different devices. Once we are sure that, installed Apk is free of malware and operational to use. Then we provide it inside the download section. For downloading the updated version of Task Mate App please click on provide download link button.

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Remember till now this is the best and most authentic online platform. Through which the mobile users can easily earn money without any fraudulent feeling. So if you ready to render your services with Google than download the latest version of Task Mate Apk from here.