TikTok Cash Apk Download For Android [Earn]

Are you interested in making smart money in less time showing zero effort? If yes then what are you waiting for? Just install the latest version of TikTok Cash Apk from this page. And enjoy earning up to 10,000 rupiahs by completing two simple tasks.

As per information gathered from different sources, the application looks good and satisfying. Though we are not making any guarantees regarding its purification. But what we can do offer here is an honest review of the application.

Even the majority of Android users have no idea regarding the application and its usage. Those who know about the application aren’t sure regarding its authenticity. As many Android users are separating multiple news regarding its purification and doubt.

So here we gonna discuss some of the key information which we collected from different sources. Moreover, we’ll do and conduct a fair review regarding the TikTok Cash Scam. So the mobile users will never get themselves confuse regarding its usage.

There is one more point regarding the application that why would someone need such kind of application? Thus in the current worldwide pandemic crises, the majority of people already lost their jobs. And even young generations are very disappointed following current trend.

Therefore focusing the disappointment and fewer opportunities. Developers came up with this new application. Where the android users are given the full facility to earn good commission over completing multiple tasks.

The process of earning and making money using the application is very simple and tricky. So don’t worry about its usage or conduction. Because we gonna explain every single step deeply with correct information. If you are interested in making handsome money than install the TikTokCash.

What is TikTok Cash Apk?

After installing and gathering information from multiple authentic sources. We come to know that it is an online earning application developed focusing android users. Installing the application will offer different multiple tasks.

Completing those multiple tasks will offer smart commission which is much greater as compared to other online earning applications. According to the official sources, the application does offer up to 5000 rupiahs over completing a single task.

Hence from here, mobile users can easily guess how amazing and fantastic the application is. Remember the application is ideal for Indonesian mobile users. Those who are living outside Indonesia can also earn money using the platform.

Details of APK

NameTikTok Cash
Size9.56 MB
DeveloperTikTok Pte. Ltd.
Package Nametiktok.cash
Required Android4.1 and Plus

But there is one problem that if you know how to speak and write the Indonesian language. Then you can easily propagate and complete the tasks quickly. Those who are unable to speak and write Indonesian can take advantage of using the translation option.

Remember for accessing the task admin dashboard, the user must register first. For registration the mobile number and referral code are necessary. The referral code will reachable inside the application. For making smart money please download TikTok Cash App from this page.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The App is free to download from our website.
  • Though the Apk file is not reachable out there and still we manage to extract it for mobile users.
  • Installing the App will offer this great opportunity of making good money.
  • Registration is compulsory for accessing the dashboard.
  • Even the permanent membership offers are also reachable.
  • Those who willing to affiliate permanently.
  • No third party ads are allowed.
  • The regular registered users can only perform two tasks a day.
  • Commission markup is up to 5000 for a single task.

How To Make Maximum Profit of App

As we mentioned it earlier that over completing the single task, the app may offer up to 5000 mark up. And those who are newly registered can only conduct two tasks in a single day. Those who want to make more money can also do that using some tricks.

The only option through which the mobile users can earn maximum profit by becoming their permanent member. For that, the user must purchase their membership program from inside application. The more user complete the stages, the position will be upgraded accordingly.

  • Temporary Worker Member: 3 tasks a day, period 8 days, commission is IDR 5,000.00
  • Employee Members: 4 tasks per day, period 1 year, commission is IDR 5,500.00
  • Group Leader Member: 12 tasks per day, period 1 year, commission is IDR 6,000.00
  • Supervising Member: 25 tasks per day, period 1 year, commission is 6000 IDR.
  • Managing Member: 55 tasks per day, period 1 year and commission is 7000 IDR.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Apk

Out there many websites claim to offer similar Apk files for free. But in reality, those websites are offering fake and corrupted Apps with false links. So what should mobile users do in such scenario when everyone is offering fake files?

If you are stuck and don’t know whom trust must visit our website. Because here we offering pre-installed original Apk files. For downloading the updated version of TikTok Cash Apk please click on below link.

TikTok Cash Scam Or Real

Till we aren’t successful in gathering good evidence regarding the scam of application. Even we found a good number of reviews regarding its authenticity of the application. When our expert team explore the application deeply than they found its structure quite similar to other earning apps.

Even the tasks and payment methods were real. What we recommend mobile users to conduct a free trial by completing different tasks. If the first payment moves smoothly than this means it is real, no if the payments are not transacted successfully than there is something fishy.

Here we already published several different online earning applications on our website. Those who are interested in exploring those apps. Must click on provided link which include OMG Burse App and GramFree App.


What we want to mention in this conclusion that some of the users confirmed the receiving of payments. And a minor number of users shows their concern regarding the application. If you believe it is true in terms of making money than download the Apk from here.