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Free entertainment applications are very rare in android world. As many users always search for free platforms where the fans can easily stream unlimited content for free. Thus considering the easy and free access we brought Time Movies Apk.

Integrating the application will not only offer free access to premium content for free. But it also helps in download the videos files to watch those in offline mode. Many people don’t have access to faster internet and they cannot absorb to watch videos in a lazy way.

Thus now downloading the files will help those fans to stream the content in offline mode without any lag. To access the infinite database we recommend android users download the Time Movies App from here. And enjoy tons of Movies and Series for free.

What is Time Movies Apk

Time Movies Apk is a perfect place to render and stream Movies plus Series for free. Apart from offering the live streaming option. It also provides this great opportunity to download video files also. So the fans can easily watch their favourite films in their free time.

Nowadays the world has become a busier place where people don’t have to watch monster TVs at home. Due to busy schedules, people always search for compatible opportunities. Where the viewers can enjoy content without visiting home.

Just install an individual file inside android device. And gain direct access to the largest entertainment database for free without any registration or subscription. Yeah, the content accessible here on the platform is premium but free to access.

So you are ready to enjoy the premium content for free without purchasing a license. Then install Time Movies Download inside android device. And watch plus download unlimited Films and Series with one click operation.

Details of APK

NameTime Movies
Size37.69 MB
Package Namecom.time.movies
Required Android5.0 and Plus

While exploring the app briefly, we found plenty of different key features inside. Those include Categories, Separate Sections, Advanced Video Player, Brief Dashboard For Content, Notification Reminder and Speedy Servers.

The application does support multilingual plugin. But currently, only three languages are visible to use inside the application. Those three languages are French, Arabic and English. It’s up to the fan with what language he/she is feeling comfortable.

Most of the fans ask this question that why should they choose this particular platform leaving other popular ones? The question is logical and does make sense. But the out there approachable platforms are premium in nature.

This means without paying the monthly fees timely. Then such websites may disconnect the user and unless the user pays their monthly in advances. They will never allow the fan to access the content including the main dashboard.

However, you are looking for an alternative best platform. Where the content including accessibility is free. Then in this regarding we recommend those android users to download Time Movies Android and enjoy free premium content for free.

Key Features of The Apk

  • Free to download Apk file from here.
  • Installing the app offers infinite entertainment content.
  • That includes both Movies and Series.
  • My List option will enable the users generate a favourite listing.
  • Custom Search filter helps in locating files instantly.
  • Home button will redirect the user to main dashboard board.
  • The setting option helps in modifying language and other features.
  • Registration is considered mandatory.
  • But no subscriptions are required.
  • App interface is mobile friendly.
  • No third party ads are allowed.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Time Movies Apk

Many websites including platforms claim to offer similar Apk files for free. But in reality, those websites are offering fake and corrupted files. So what should android users do in such scenario when they are confused and don’t know who to trust.

Yet considering the user’s demands and request we also offer the Apk files below here inside download section. Before offering it there, we install it over different devices. Once we are sure about smooth operation then we offer those inside the download section.

Is Safe To Install The Apk

When we install the application over different devices. We found the app smooth and operational on all devices. However, we never guarantee or assure smooth rendering. Because we never support or hold copyrights of product.

Here on our website, we published several different entertainment apps. Those can be used as the best alternative sources for watching Movies and Series. If you are interested then track the links which are eVOD Apk and Shehzad TV Apk.


This is the best chance for android users to stream unlimited Movies and Series for free. So you are willing to integrate and explore the latest content. Then install the updated version of Time Movies Apk inside android device and premium content for free.

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