Traze Apk Download For Android

Everyone is familiar with the current pandemic problem and how hard it has impacted human lives. Till now no Anti-Dot is accessible and the only solution is keeping distance and wear the mask. Aiming the people safety the Philippine government has initiated this new App called Traze Apk.

Basically, it is a tracking and tracking application. Though the features are quite similar to other applications but the difference is it never used GPS to track locations. Means the App entirely works over QR code system.

There are multiple reasons for not integrating this GPS system inside the application. But the most reasonable point is slow internet connectivity. Usually, the GPS system entirely works over internet connectivity. Hence those who have fast internet connectivity will never experience any problem.

But when we talk about those who don’t have accessibility to faster internet connectivity. It offers bad performance with false information. As everyone is familiar with the country that it is a developing country and they are still working over-improving human resources.

Since till now, the country is facing this slow connectivity issue. Even the majority of mobile users register several complaints regarding the malfunctioning of tracking application due to slow internet connectivity.

Therefore focusing the problem, developers finally develop this Traze Contact Tracing App for mobile users. However, the application works smoothly over slow internet connectivity. But aiming compliance requirement the developers made registration compulsory.

Don’t worry about its usage or implantation of the app inside smartphone. Because we gonna explain every single detail below here. So if you want to contribute and help the government in handling the situation. Then download the Apk from here.

What is Traze Apk

It is a countrywide incorporated tracing system launched by Cosmotech Philippines, Inc. The main purpose of launching this new system was to offer an authentic tracing technology. Through which the government can easily communicate track down the affected people.

As we are aware of the current situation that countries with a growing economy cannot afford to lock down the people permanently. Because people don’t have enough money to cope with the situation. So focusing the problem government decided to remove this curfew situation.

Hence they are successful in resolving the hunger problem, but due to economic activity. The disease separation starts increasing, even at some point government was too much confuse. To handle the situation, the federation decided to launch this new system.

Details of APK

Size6.8 MB
DeveloperCosmotech Philippines, Inc.
Package Namecom.traze.contacttraze
Required Android4.4 and Plus

Through which the state can easily collect information regarding affected people. As we mentioned above that to enable the App inside your smartphone. The registration is compulsory and for that, it requires personal information with mobile number.

Means without providing basic information it is not possible to enable the App inside your devices. So this is the best opportunity to help government and tackle the issue. If you are to explore the hidden features than download Traze App from here.

Key Features of The App

  • Installing the App will offer state of the art features with a secure path.
  • Hence there is zero of leakage in terms of information.
  • The App never support GPS and Bluetooth.
  • It entirely runs around QR scanning system.
  • Though it asks for the user to submit information but still due to user concern it is kept optional.
  • The App completely works smoothly with all essential components.
  • Best part is it works perfectly over slow internet connectivity.
  • The App is only functional of Philippine android users.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download And Use The App

Before moving towards installation, the initial step is downloading. And for downloading the updated version of Apk files. The Android users can trust on our website because we only offer original Apk files.

To download the latest version of Traze For Android please click on the provided download link button. Once the downloading completes, install it inside the smartphone. After the completion of installation, the next phase is usage or utilization.

For that go to the mobile menu and launch it. When the app opens successfully, select the registration option and choose your profession. Now provide the data which the app is asking and press signup option.

Next, the app will offer QR Code, which will expire after some time. So use the QR Code for scanning and submit the data, whenever you meet with any person or use transportation.

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Though the developers try their best to implant basic features inside it. Even they are planning to add more in the coming days. Till then users can enjoy the current version of Traze Apk. While usage if the user faces any problem feel free to contact us.