Tube God Apk Download Free For Android [Latest]

If you are searching for an Application to download YouTube videos with just one click without any long or complex process then you are on the right spot.

Because today’s I have provided “Tube God” Apk for your Android smartphones and tablets. You can download that application within a few seconds as it is a very simple and small size app.

It is one of the famous Downloader applications for mobile phones which has been installed by more than one hundred thousand people. Furthermore, it is available for all kind of mobile phones and you don’t need to buy or have any high-end smartphone or the tablet for using it.

I have provided the app just because I have usually faced so many issues while saving YouTube videos on my phone. I have gone through some YouTube video downloader apps while I got this one and when I used it I found that this can be really helpful.

However, there are some other tools and apps which provides the same features and services just like TubeGod which will be available soon for you guys.

But before going to get this application I recommend to go through this article so you come to know about its basics.

These basics include installation and downloading process, usage, features and requirements. Because these are some basic things to know about any Android tool before going to use it on your phone.

About Tube God

Tube God is a tool developed by TubeGod which is compatible for all Android phones. Basically it is a Downloader Application for getting YouTube videos to save to your mobile directly such as songs, clips, movies, short clips and others.

However, you have the option to download or save clips from YouTube but you cannot get them directly to your phone’s storage. Therefore, in that case, this tool can help us to do that so. One more thing that you can have in the tool is that you can also stream YouTube videos directly from it.

However, there is one issue that you may face while using any other such tool because there is some YouTube content which is protected and you cannot download such content.

Mostly YouTubers use strict privacy to contain people from copying their content, therefore, you don’t get the option of download even you cannot save to your YouTube account.

Apart from that, there are other things which makes it better because it gives you instant downloading with just one click. It is a very simple tool that anyone can use it without any hurdle. So get it right now and download any kind of YouTube Video for your phone.

This tool is also providing an opportunity to download videos in Audio format. As you can get the Song clips in Audio format for your phone if you are not interested in the clip. Furthermore, there are multiple Video qualities or formats in which you can store the videos.

Details of APK

NameTube God
Size522.29 KB
Package Nameme.fadaho
Required Android2.3 and Up

How to install or Download Tube God Apk?   

The installation process is very simple and you can also install this app on your Android LEDs or those TV devices which have wireless built-in and have Android OS. So now follow the instructions which are write down below, in order to install the Apk file.

  1. Get the Latest version Tube God Apk file for Android from our website the Download button is given at the end of this article.
  2. Tap/click the button.
  3. Wait for a few seconds as the Apk file size is very small and you don’t need to wait for more than a minute to complete the downloading.
  4. Then go to ‘settings’ of your phone.
  5. Then select the ‘Security’ option.
  6. Enable the ‘unknown sources’ option.
  7. Now back home and open the file manager.
  8. Find the Apk file you have stored from our website.
  9. Tap/click on the file you get it.
  10. Select ‘install’ option.
  11. Now, wait for a few seconds to let the installation complete.
  12. Back to the home menu and launch the app and enjoy it.

How to Use Tube God?

It is very simple when you get the Apk file installed on your phone then follow the instruction given below.

  • Launch the app from the home menu.
Starting Tube God App
  • Then start searching your desired content from by using the search box.
Searching Video With tube God
  • Then you will see a ‘Download’ symbol like ‘down arrow’.
Download video with Tube God
  • Tap/click on that down arrow option.
  • Then select the format in which you want to proceed.
  • Your clip from YouTube’s main server will start the download.

Basic Features

There so many features that you can find in Tube God but I have listed down the basic features for you. These are the following Features.

  • It is free to use on your androids.
  • It is safe and free of malicious files.
  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Anyone can use it without having any difficulty.
  • You don’t need to copy-paste URL in order to download anything from YouTube.
  • It is the most highly rated tool for performing its functions.
  • You can select a suitable format of video for your phone before going to store it.
  • You can directly download them to your phone or SD card instead of your account.
  • It provides you with instant downloading.
  • You can watch your favourite movies directly from the tool instead of going to the official App or website on YouTube.
  • It is compatible with almost all android smartphones and tablets.
  • There are much more features you can avail from the app but you can only do that by installing it on your phone.

What’s New in Tube God?

  • You can have HD format now in the latest version.
  • Bugs and errors have been fixed.
  • You can browse in a Desktop.
  • Mp3 file formats have been improved while in the old version there were so many errors reported.
Basic Requirements  

There are no such huge requirements for getting the app on your palms via your Android. However, there are some basic and simple requirements that I know you all going to have on your phones. Those are the following.

  • Need 2.3 or up version Android OS.
  • Minimum RAM capacity 1 GB or more than that.
  • Stable internet connection preferably 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.


So I have provided all the necessary information regarding the application you are going to have from this article. If you are interested to download Tube God Apk for Android then go the button below and tap on it.

Just get the YouTube video downloader free download for Android and get rid of copying and pasting URLs on useless websites.


Q 1. What is Tube God?

Ans. It is an android application that is YouTube Video Downloader for Android mobile phones.

Q 2. Can I Download Tube God from Play Store?

Ans. No, it has been removed from the Android’s official App store.

Q 3. Is Tube God Safe?

Ans. Yes, it is safe.

Q 4. How to use Tube God?

Ans. check out the paragraph of ‘How to Use Tube God’ in the main article.

Q 4. How to download YouTube Videos?

Ans. You can download YouTube videos by installing Tube God Apk on your android devices. or you can use other alternatives like TXD Apk, TubeX Apk.

Q 5. How to Download YouTube videos without any Software?

Ans. You can use various kind of Web tools for that purposes but I recommend you the MASHNOL so visit this site and paste the URL of that video you are interested in downloading. Then chose the Video format and proceed to download.

Q 6. How to Download YouTube Videos on Android?

Ans. You can download YouTube videos by installing Tube God, TX or TubeX Applications.

Q 7. How to Download YouTube videos in Mobile?

Ans. If you are using an Android mobile phone then I have already addressed that question in the answer to question number ‘6’. Whereas, for other devices, there are so many tools and applications you can download from their respective app stores.

Q 8. How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone?

Ans. There is an application for iPhone users via that they can download videos directly to their phone and that app is ‘YouTube++’. This is an unofficial application of YouTube.

Q 9. How to Download YouTube videos on Laptop?

Ans. Download and install the YTD that allows its users to download videos directly from YouTube. You only need to do is just copy the URL of a specific video and paste it in the box after launching YTD. Then you can select your desired video format.

Q 10. How to Download YouTube videos on Mac?

Ans. You can use this web tool or website ‘OnlineVideoConverter’ for download videos. You need to do is to just copy the URL of the video on YouTube then paste in the box given in the tool. Then select the video format and proceed to download button.

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