What is Deep Nostalgia Apk? [2022]

An app is going so much viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most of all on TikTok. So, that is basically, Deep Nostalgia Apk For Android mobile phones. It is an AI-Powered face filter app not for only Android but also iOS Smartphones and tablets.

So, in this article, I will try to put a light on this app and we will also discuss whether it is safe or not? If you are one of those curious people who heard about the app but don’t know anything about that then give a read to this article. 

What is Deep Nostalgia Apk?

Deep Nostalgia Apk itself is not an app, but an advance feature of the MyHeritage App. It is developed for both Android mobile phones and tablets. It allows users to convert old photos into video or animations. You can simply upload any photo from your phone’s gallery and convert that to live animation. 

So, it makes you able to give life to your old photos by using the filter Deep Nostalgia of the MyHeritage app. Mostly this app is designed for those people who are looking for a digital platform to make their family tree and preserve it for a long time. So, they can transfer that to their upcoming generations and let them know about their family history too.

This app further allows you to share those photos with its own social networking platform. There you can find hundreds of thousands of photos from different users from all over the world. You cannot only use old photos but also you can do that with your new pictures too.

Is Deep Nostalgia App Safe?

Some of you may wonder whether the MyHeritage Nostalgia App is safe or not. So, I must tell you that this is using AI technology to transfer or convert any photo into a video. So, apparently, it seems a simple app that allows you to create some videos or animations by using your photos.

But still, there are some safety issues too. As you know that you can create videos by simply adding any photo into the app. Now it means that you can create DeepFake videos.

Basically, DeepFake videos are fake videos, where you can change the faces of original people in the clip and add your own or others’ faces. That is how you can create content that may hurt or harm someone or their personality. Nevertheless, it still depends on the usage and intention of the user.

Secondly, that app uses AI technology to create animation. Therefore, there is a huge chance that it stores your data and use that for the company’s personal interests. Because this is a third-party mobile app and it is stupidity to trust such kinds of apps.


Is MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia Apk Free to Download and Use?

Without going into deep, I just want to tell you that this app is absolutely free. Even there are no in-app purchases available for the users. You can simply download and use it on your phone whether that be an Android phone or an iOS phone.

Is Deep Nostalgia Filter Available For Android?

MyHeritage App is available for Android mobile phones and you can create a family tree. There are several other features that you can try on your Android phones. But unfortunately, the Deep Nostalgia Face Filter feature is not available for the Androids. Therefore, you cannot have that on your phones. But rest of the features are available in the app.

How to Use Filter on the Android Phone?

Although that only feature is not available for the Android OS, still you can use that on your Androids. As the officials have already mentioned that in the Play Store that they are not offering that features in the Apk. But they have provided the official MyHeritage web tool link.

So, you can visit that link and use their web tool to create facial animation on your Android. Not only that but also you can use that on your PC, Laptops or on many other devices through that link.

How to Use Deep Nostalgia Apk?

Basically, Apk is an extension for Android phones. But if you are an iOS user, then you will have to download the Deep Nostalgia IPA file from the official App Store. However, if you are an Android user, then I will provide a link as a reference where you can download that app.

  • In order to use the app, you just need to follow the following steps down below.
  • Download the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia Apk.
  • Install that apk on your phone.
  • Now launch that app on your phone.
  • Sign up with your Facebook ID or Google Account.
  • Upload a Photo and create animation.


That was a short review to let you know about Deep Nostalgia App. I am sure you have learned a lot about that application. You can also use that app and create some amazing videos through the app. I just want to recommend people to use these kinds of apps for only entertainment purpose and do not harm people.

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