WhatsApp Who Viewed Me Apk Download For Android [2022]

Social media has revolutionized the life of human people are getting famous or using it as a business tool. Today’s app is relevant to such sites application which is “WhatsApp Who Viewed Me Apk” for Android. It has no any kind of affiliation with the official WhatsApp messenger.

But you can use it as a supportive tool. So, if you are interested to get the Apk file and install it on your phones then you can download it from this post.

I have provided the latest version of this Hacking App. Apart from the Apk file, you are going to get all the details and information about it in this short review. I hope this review will help you to know in what ways you can use to it so you can get maximum outcomes.

Furthermore, we will discuss whether it is a prank app or real. Because there are some people who believe it is a prank. 

Not matter whether it is real or not but you can surprise your friends with this amazing app. Further, don’t forget to share this post as well as the app.

About WhatsApp Who Viewed Me

Well, do you want to know who viewed your profile or stories over there? Then WhatsApp Who Viewed Me Apk is the only tool through which you can know that. Because this application scans all the contacts on your phones or other numbers to detect who checked your profile. 

There are so many apps like WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me Apk which offers you to find out who is checking out your profiles. Just like that, there are so many tools for other social networking sites or applications.

These kinds of apps are sometimes real and sometimes they are just pranks. But most of such apps or software are paid which works really. However, this application that I have shared here is absolutely free and there are no charges for its usage. 

To make it work you don’t need to get register on it. So, you only need to have official Messenger with a registered account. Then it automatically detects the data when you press or tap on Scan option right after installation.

Whether it is real or not you cannot make it sure. Because I have tried it on my own Android phone and it showed me some results. But I am not sure about whether those people have visited my account or not. However, it can be a lot of fun if you show the results to those people.

For suppose if someone has a crush on you and regularly visiting your profile then it would be really amazing to know about that. 

Details of APK

NameWhatsApp Who Viewed Me
Size1.81 MB
Package Namewhoviewedme.inwhatsapp
Required Android4.2 and Up
Is it Real?

Literally, there is no chance that such an app which is even free can detect people who visit your profile. Moreover, on WhatsApp messenger, there is nothing special that someone can check in your profile. Because there they can only find your DP or Profile picture.

More importantly, it is developed to prank people so there is no such thing that you can do with this app. Therefore, I recommend you to don’t take the results so seriously. But you can have a choice to prank your friends through it. 

One important thing about it is that it randomly selects contacts from your phone and Sim. Sometimes those contacts do not have WhatsApp account. So, it becomes quite impossible to believe in its results.

Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of WhatsApp Who Viewed Me
Screenshot of WhatsApp Who Viewed Me Apk


We all love to have some fun but if it costs someone’s integrity then you cannot call it fun rather it is an insult. Therefore, you must be careful while trying to prank someone or mocking someone. But this application is a legal and there is no issue for using it.

So, if you are interested to use it then download the latest version of WhatsApp Who Viewed Me Apk for Android. Click on below download button and it will start storing Apk file to your device.

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