WhatsLog Apk Download for Android [Latest 2022]

Curiosity is in all of us. Sometimes, to know is essentially more important than just being curious. If you are too, for whatever reason interested in knowing more about your online contacts, download WhatsLog Apk.

Long ago we communicated through letters, then the wired telephones replaced the paper, then came mobile SMS and calling. Now, we live in a world dominated by online communication. Among all the applications that we use for online communication and sharing, WhatsApp tops the list.

WhatsApp has become the chief mode to keep in touch both in formal and informal settings. Whether it is a call, voice message, text message, a picture, or a video; all these forms are supported by the platform to make us stay in contact.

But what if someone is dodging you even here? Find the answer down here.

What is WhatsLog Apk

WhatsLog: Online Last Seen Android app is made to track the time or last seen status of your contacts.

With this Tracking App on your phone, you can now find out what contact was last online. Even if they have turned this option off from their privacy settings of the app, you can still find out.

Whether your client is not responding. Your family members are ignoring your calls and messages. Your boyfriend or girlfriend has been making a lot of excuses lately.  All these issues can be solved with the Online Last seen application.

Basically, this is an on-line tracker application. It is here to find out what you need to know about the on-line presence of your contact numbers here.

When you enable the application, it will analyze all the negative and positive details of your profile for you.

The app works in two ways: it can help you avoid the specific contact, which has been text bombing your mobile phone. All you need to do is to find out how to turn off sound notifications for that contact. In addition, customize the notification sound for income messages and calls from each contact you frequently engage with.

The application can be used for an unlimited time. Yet, you feel the need to uninstall it, in which case, it can be done without having to worry about the privacy of your data. The company makes sure the safety of all your data.

The best thing about this application is, it can be used to monitor other communication apps on your mobile phone such as telegram etc.

Learn more about the WhatsLog Apk app. What packages it offers, and how good it is at delivering you the promises it makes. Get the app on your smartphone and track your online usage for as long as you want.

Apk Details

NameWhatsLog: Online Last Seen
Size15.53 MB
DeveloperWhatsLog company
Package Namecom.whatslog
Required Android4.1 and Up

Features of WhatsLog: Online Last Seen Apk

The features of this online tracker are worth using the app. If you don’t have, we recommend you to install it right away to avail the following cool aspects.

  • Find out exactly how long the contact of your concern remained online or offline on a particular day.
  • The app gives the option to include up to ten profiles for monitoring from each network you choose from or want to monitor.
  • Once you put it in work mode, this Android app will work on your device 24/7 to collect all the data. Which you can later retrieve to evaluate the status of your profile.
  • Easy to use interface, that comes with user-friendly features make the application a simple tool of great output.

If need help with any of the features, or want some information in detail. You can contact the support service that will help you out immediately.

How to Download WhatsLog Apk

Here we will show you how to get and install the WhatsLog Apk file on your phone. Just follow the given steps here below to start using this amazing app.

  1. Tap/Click on the download Apk button (this will initiate the download automatically).
  2. Tap/Click on the Apk file
  3. Tap on the app and enable the Unknown Sources option from the security settings of the device
  4. Tap next to install the Apk file on your mobile.

Then, tap on the application icon on your phone screen to start using the app. If you need any kind of help you can contact the support team. They will assuage your concerns.


WhatsLog Apk is an online time tracker. It is built to monitor the online time spent by a profile on a network or platform, including WhatsApp. It has amazing spying features and options that can be customized. If you want to know the online time spent by any of your contacts find it out using this Android app.

Get the Apk file to download by clicking on the link given here.

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