Worst Gaming Injector Apk Download for Android [Latest 2022]

No matter how much you love your heroes on Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Giving them a new look would freshen up your mind and give your eyes something different to look at. How do I get that? Well, we have the Worst Gaming Injector, which will do the trick.

The features of this Injector will blow your mind and you would definitely want it on your Android device. Stay with us as we reveal the awesome characteristics this app brings for you. Furthermore, we have described the method to use it.

Also called WG Skin Injector, it will breathe new life into your collection of costumes and avatars for your characters. All you need to do is download the latest Apk version for free to install on your Android mobile phone or tablet from this site.

What is the Worst Gaming Injector?

Also known as the New MI Skin Injector it is a skin injector tool for the famous game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This action game, also available on the Play Store, has millions of users. Where you have to fight and defeat the real enemies of humans.

As you already know, not all the tools and material on the ML come for free. Some of the features and we would say, awesome ones are paid for. The new MI Skin Injector is a hack that unlocks all these features for you. Join the game with millions of users and flaunt your latest gear by downloading the app from here.

This latest version of Worst Gaming gives you additional features, you should get this one even if you are using a previous version of the app.

We know that the Worst Gaming Skin Injector Apk is a real gift for you. This hack is the most sought after and here you are about to get it. Now you can customize your heroes in fascinating new ways.

With all this being said, WG Skin Injector is a hack tool, which comes with some of the risks, which are obviously always with tools of its kind. If you get caught, you would have to face a ban for a limited time or permanently from the game platform.

There are safe ways to enjoy the hack are there. That you can employ without risking your identity or account. Either you should use a guest account to access the game or employ a VPN that will change your access ID.

Apk Details

NameWG Skin Injector
Size7.66 MB
DeveloperWG Skin Injector
Package Namecom.worst.injectornew.ui
Required Android5.0 and Up
CategoryApps Tools

 Features of Worst Gaming Injector

 The best feature of this Worst Gaming Injector Apk is that it reveals a long list of options to you. That you can easily employ in the gameplay.

  •  A Different user interface design that gives a totally fresh look to the game.
  •  The Anti-remodeling feature is integrated into the app for you.
  •  New Grock Venom Skin
  •  All the Gusion Skin, even those we missed previously.
  •  A special Skin for Chang’e
  •  All the Nana Skins
  •  Skins for X brog
  •  Starlight and a special skin for Valir

 List of Heroes and Skins on Worst Gaming Injector

 Here is the list of all the heroes and characters. These can be injected into MOBA, just choosing the one you like is the thing to do. The list included the avatars that were there with old hacks and new ones as well.

 Check out the names below:

  •  Aldous
  •  Grock
  •  Chang’e
  •  Gusion
  •  Hanzo
  •  Lolita
  •  Silvanna
  •  Valir
  •  Fanny
  •  Estes
  •  Nana
  •  X Brog

 How to Download the Worst Gaming Injector Apk

 Getting the Apk file for Worst Gaming Injector is very easy. First, go to the Download Apk file option in the form of a button at the bottom of this article and follow the steps given below.

  1.  Tap/Click on the button given for download (this will initiate the download automatically).
  2.  Tap/Click on the Apk file on your Android device
  3.  Tap on the app and enable the Unknown Sources option in the Settings> Security Settings
  4.  Tap next to install Apk on your device.

 Now you can use the app to see some new features in your ML interface.

App Screenshots

Worst Gaming Injector Password

Once the Worst Gaming Injector Apk is installed on your smartphone, there is one more step to access the app. You need to put a password to get to the other side. So, we have shared the password for you. Type it in the box given on the app as it is. The password is given below.

 Password: Worst Gaming

How to Use the Worst Gaming Injector?

Once the app is installed on your Android Smartphone, tap to open it. This will launch the worst injector app. It will ask for the password. Enter the one we have mentioned for you above. After the app is unlocked. You will see all the characters and heroes and their new skins.

The next step is to select the avatar you want and it will be implemented in the gameplay. You can come back as many times as you want and change it.

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The Worst Gaming Injector is an injector hack for Mobile Legends Bang Bang users. It lets you give your favorite characters a new look by giving them new and fancy skins. If you want this hack, just click on the download button below to get the file.

 Download Link