YouTube Vanced Apk Download for Android [AdBlocker]

iYTBP and Vanced team have developed a YouTube Vanced Application for Android smartphones and tablets that has fantastic features to enjoy YouTube videos.

YouTube Vanced provides an advanced approach to its Android users where they can feel convenient to stream YouTube. Further, the best part of the application is that it is in trending and android users loved its features.

, the app was launched as Injected YouTube Background Playback by a renowned XDA developer Master T. However, after a few months it is re-launched while naming it as a YouTube .

The Credit for this new project goes to these developers such as Laura Almeida, Razerma, ZaneZam and Kevin.

About Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced can be described as a modded or modified version of YouTube actually, with that Android users can get Ad blocking feature which will allow them to get rid of irritating Ads while watching or streaming videos on YouTube.

It is liked by users just because of its background play option and Ad blocking feature. However, there are much more features in the app that are admirable and very useful but you will witness those after when you use it.

Now here is the important thing for Android users which they must note. This App is available for both Rooted, Rooted Non-Rooted devices.

Details of APK

NameYouTube Vanced
Size4.98 MB
DeveloperTeam Vanced
Required Android4.2 and Up

YouTube Vanced (Latest) App for Non-Rooted Androids

Experts believe that it is on Non-rooted is preferable as they can get all the installation guidelines and easy usage. However, the Kit is recommended to the users of YouTube Apk on Non Rooted devices, so they can get additional utility.

Further, users will not be allowed to get login into the App if they do not get MicroG Kit for their non-rooted androids.

YouTube Vanced (Latest) Apk for Rooted Android Devices

As I said this app is also available for rooted devices. So users who have rooted Android devices should not worry about it is always an advantage for the users having Rooted Android devices as they can get access to every single feature of any Android application or tool.

In order to download or install must need TWRP on their Android smartphones or tablets before the installation, furthermore, they have to download essential files and flash.

YouTube Vanced App for Magisk Root

YouTube Vanced for Magisk is an exceptional edition that works via Magisk. However, those Android users can download it for their androids too.

The next step that user need to know about is how to install the app Apk on Rooted, Android devices. Therefore we have tried to explain the installation process step by step below.

How to Install the Apk on Non-Rooted Android

  • First of on device to get login into YouTube with your own YouTube login details.
  • Download the Apk file for not rooted Android device from our website.
  • When the completes, install the Apk file of the app from the folder where you have downloaded it.

How to Install the Apk on Rooted Android

  • First of , get the installer in order to install the app.
  • Download the Apk file of YouTube Vanced to any specified folder or Download folder in device’s storage or on SD Card.
  • Then disable the auto-updates from Google Play’s settings option, further delete all the updates on YouTube Application.

How to Install YouTube Vanced Apk on Magisk Android

There are three ways recommended by experts to install the App on Magisk devices.

The first method is,

  • Download the app for Magisk Android device.
  • Install the App with Repo.

The second method is,

  • Go to Magisk Module and install YouTube Vanced Apk via that process.

The third Method is,

  • Go to the “magisk.plz” or you can also enable the Magisk from the Root Installer by going into

Very important thing is that users must uninstall YouTube updates before downloading YouTube Vanced Apk. Secondly, stop auto-updates too.

YouTube Vanced F.A.Q

Below are some of the frequently asked question about the app

QWhere is the normal (White)?

A: White is a theme that is available in both versions and users can select different themes for night time usage and day time or etc.

QCan we install the latest Updates for YouTube Vanced?

A: Yes, you can download the latest version from our website and simply install that latest version to update the previously installed app.

QIs that right that we have to re-install detach script for every new update of the Application?

A: No, it is just a false rumour.

QWhy I cannot install YouTube Vanced as simply I install other Apks?

A: Android users can download and install it as they install other Apks on their devices only if they have Non-Rooted Android devices.

Q: Why I don’t see the App in the menu, on the other hand, it has shown “Successfully Installed” message?

A: There might be two reasons for that one is that your device has less space to execute the app. Secondly, You might have used an old version of Magisk or the old version Installer.

Note: This is only valid for Android Oreo version devices.

QDo “Crop to fit” option available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung S8+ Android Devices?

A: Yes, it is only available for rooted devices. However, the best thing for non-rooted S8 and S8+ users is that they can use the “Pinch to Zoom” option for the same function as it is the alternate option of “Crop to Fit”.

QDo we have a PIP mode feature available on the latest YouTube Vanced App?

A: Yes it is available but the bad news is that this feature only works on Android Oreo devices.

QIs the background playback means downloading the video to our device’s storage?

A: Not at all. Because it will only let you download the Audio.


YouTube Apk is a useful android application and you must download this app if you love to watch YouTube videos mostly because it allows you to remove irritating ads while watching videos.

Grab the Latest YouTube Apk and enjoy Roasting, Pranks and other lovely videos Using this app.