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In India Railway considered the most profitable government organization as compare to others.与其他组织相比,印度铁路公司被认为是最赚钱的政府组织。 To make it smarter and user friendly the IT department of IRCTC has developed this new app known as SuperTatkal Pro.为了使它更智能和用户友好,IRCTC的IT部门开发了这个称为SuperTatkal Pro的新应用。 Through which locals including tourists can book train tickets online.通过它,包括游客在内的当地人可以在线预订火车票。

Means now the people or tourist don't need to visit long distances to book railway tickets.意味着现在人们或游客不需要长途旅行即可预订火车票。 Just download the application, register with the app and book the ticket.只需下载该应用程序,向该应用程序注册并预订票即可。 By entering the departure and destination location inside the application form.通过在申请表中输入出发地和目的地位置。

Moreover, the developers are planning to add this tracker inside the App.此外,开发人员计划在App中添加此跟踪器。 So the passengers will don't have to wait long hours on station for the train.这样,乘客就不必在车站上等很长时间了。 Means when a user opens the application he/she needs to select the tracker category and check the train location.意味着当用户打开应用程序时,他/她需要选择跟踪器类别并检查火车位置。

Though the timing is fixed but sometimes the train gets late due to certain reason.尽管时间是固定的,但有时由于某些原因火车晚点了。 Even sometimes the train gets late to due to mechanical problems.甚至有时火车由于机械问题而迟到。 And the passenger has to wait hours over the station for train.乘客必须在车站上等几个小时才能坐火车。 Considering the problem the experts are planning to add this tracker feature.考虑到该问题,专家计划添加此跟踪器功能。

This tracking feature is under construction and may be reachable to use incoming updates.此跟踪功能正在建设中,可以使用传入的更新来访问。 But till now the users can only book the train ticket online purchasing coins.但是到目前为止,用户只能在线购买硬币预订火车票。 The user has to spend coins on booking tickets and these coins can purchase using shop category.用户必须在预订机票上花费硬币,并且这些硬币可以使用商店类别进行购买。

If you frequently travelled over train and tired of visiting the station for booking seats or tickets.如果您经常乘火车旅行而又厌倦了去车站预约座位或购票。 Then now don't worry because installing the updated version of Apk will not only offer online booking.然后,现在不必担心,因为安装更新版本的Apk不仅会提供在线预订。 But it also offers data encryption with the sharing option.但是它还提供了带有共享选项的数据加密。

什么是SuperTatkal Pro APK

Basically, this an online train ticket booking application particularly developed for Indian people.基本上,这是专门为印度人开发的在线火车票预订应用程序。 Inside India, people prefer to travel in train for daily routine travelling.在印度境内,人们喜欢乘火车旅行进行日常旅行。 Because it is the cheapest and fastest travelling machine in India.因为它是印度最便宜,运行最快的机器。

The circular train holds and transport millions of people regularly.圆形火车定期容纳和运送数百万人。 And most of the time average income people prefer to travel by train.而且大多数时候,平均收入人群更喜欢乘火车旅行。 To make it more advance and comfortable the IRCTC has structured these business class cabins.为了使它更先进,更舒适,IRCTC安排了这些商务舱。


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类别应用 旅游与本地

For those whole travel long distances and love to experience different cities.对于那些长途旅行和热爱体验不同城市的人。 Due to limited resources and opportunities the Indian Railway company was unable to upgrade their system timely.由于资源和机会有限,印度铁路公司无法及时升级其系统。 But aiming the passenger assistance the IT department was instructed to structure this new application.但是,针对乘客的帮助,IT部门却被指示来构造这个新应用程序。

Which not only offer online ticket at doorsteps but it also provides tracking feature.它不仅在门口提供在线票务,而且还提供跟踪功能。 So the passenger has not to wait long hours for the train.因此,乘客不必等待很长时间才能坐火车。 Due to pandemic problem, the developers are unable to complete the tracking project.由于大流行问题,开发人员无法完成跟踪项目。 But in coming days the feature will reachable to use inside SuperTatkal Pro App.但未来几天,该功能将可在SuperTatkal Pro App内部使用。


  • Apk提供了更广泛的类别,包括选项。
  • 这样它提供在线票务簿。
  • 乘客还可以预订有座位的婴儿。
  • 为方便起见,乘客必须填写在线表格。
  • 预订座位需要进行注册。
  • 用户可以使用Google帐户向该应用程序注册。
  • 没有显示广告。
  • 具有不同功能的非常简单的界面。
  • 用户可以使用共享按钮共享应用程序。



Android用户可以信任我们的网站来下载更新的Apps。 Because we install the same Apk over different devices to make sure the user is entertained with the right product.因为我们在不同的设备上安装了相同的Apk,以确保用户对正确的产品感到满意。

To download the latest version of SuperTatkal Pro Apk please click on provide download link.要下载最新版本的SuperTatkal Pro Apk,请单击提供下载链接。 Once the downloading completes the next step is installation and usage process.下载完成后,下一步就是安装和使用过程。 For smooth installation follow the below steps.为了顺利安装,请执行以下步骤。

  • 首先,从移动存储部分找到下载的Apk文件。
  • 然后按安装按钮启动安装过程。
  • 不要忘记允许来自移动设备的未知来源。
  • 安装完成后,请访问移动菜单并启动该应用程序。
  • 使用Google帐户向应用程序注册,该操作到此结束。




If you are local or tourist and willing to travel by train.如果您是本地人或游客,并且愿意乘火车旅行。 But don't have time to visit long-distance for booking train tickets.但是没有时间去长途旅行预订火车票。 Then don't worry because installing the SuperTatkal will offer direct ticket booking feature staying at home or hotel.然后不用担心,因为安装SuperTatkal可以提供直接在家里或酒店预订机票的功能。