Garena MoonLight Blade Apk 下載適用於 Android [MOBA 遊戲]

Are you ready to play and experience this MOBA gameplay rich in features and opportunities? If yes then what are you waiting for? Just download the latest version of Garena MoonLight Blade gaming app from here and enjoy arena battle fight online.

The gameplay comprised of different modes and hurdles. The key hurdles include Dungeons and other key blockers. Which may force the gamers to back and force a great defeat. However, here we are successful in bringing some great techniques.

Improving and upgrading those techniques will offer a perfect win inside battle arena. Hence you are willing to be part of this new gameplay. And you are ready to initiate a great fight against evil then download Battle Arena Game for free.

What is Garena MoonLight Blade Apk

Garena MoonLight Blade Android is considered a newly published android MOBA gaming application. Here inside gaming app, the developers offered these multiple modes. Including a live fighting battle arena rich in opportunities.

Out there android gaming market is considered vast and rich in gameplays. However, majority of those reachable games are considered traditional and old classic. Hence playing such gameplays seems boring and less attractive.

However, the ones which are new in the market are considered heavy and consume lots of resources. Hence such gameplays are considered impossible to play inside old smartphones. And due to this great discrimination, the android gamers become disappointed.

So focusing the fan’s recommendations, the developers are successful in bringing this new gameplay. Where the story is purely fetched from a popular novel. Now installing the particular Battle Game allow gamers to enjoy the advance latest 戰鬥玩法.


姓名Garena 月光之刃
尺寸148 MB
開發人員加雷納國際 II
類別遊戲 - 角色扮演

Here inside gameplay, the developers implant these multiple advance core features. Including a live studio where the players can easily modify up to XNUMX plus different characters. All they require to do is just access the studio and enjoy pro features.

Apart from live studio, the gamers can also access live royal battle option. Where the players can fight against other players inside arena. All they require to do is just select a team and join the selected team inside battleground.

Multiple powerful characters and key weapons are added. Although majority of those reachable key powerful weapons are considered restricted. And require lots of in-game credits to unlock those pro items.

In addition, different pro skins and effects are also included. Empowering the characters with those pro items will not only boost up the performance. But also help in defeating enemy inside battleground. There are plenty of PVP modes are available to select.

Remember exploring the dungeons will offer direct interaction with evil bosses. Use your powerful playing skills to defeat those bosses and win the battle. So you always got a plan and are ready to execute it inside arena then install Garena MoonLight Blade Download.


  • Free to download gaming app.
  • The gameplay is rich in different opportunities.
  • Including powerful characters.
  • Live studio customizer.
  • Skins and Effects.
  • Multiple gameplay modes.
  • More than XNUMX plus powerful heroes.
  • Different evil bosses.
  • Multiple dungeons to explore.
  • No third-party ads are allowed
  • 遊戲界面保持動態。
  • 沒有註冊。
  • 沒有訂閱。
  • 易於播放和安裝。
  • Tons of weapons are approachable.
  • Even powerful moves are available to use.
  • Stable connectivity is required for playing.
  • Responsive servers are used for hosting game files and user data.


How To Download Garena MoonLight Blade Game

Currently, the gaming is directly approachable to access from Play Store. However, the gaming app is featured among country restrictive products. This means the gameplay is only approachable to access for country specific android users.

Those who are outside a particular country location may unable to access direct Apk file. So what should android fans do in such situation? Hence in this scenario, we recommend those android gamers to visit our website and download latest version of Apk file for free.


Here the gaming app we are supporting is purely owned by legal company. The Garena company also responsible for structuring some incredible action gameplays. We installed the Apk inside multiple devices and found it smooth and secure to play.

We already offered tons of other action-based MOBA gameplays here on our website. If you are willing to play and explore those alternative gameplays please follow links. Those include 真人快打 11 APK終極忍者傳奇超級 Apk.


If you are tired of playing those old traditional gameplays. And searching for something new and unique that offers endless possibilities inside battleground. Then we recommend those android gamers install Garena MoonLight Blade with one click option.