Anti Banned Host File for PUBG Mobile [2022]

In today’s article, I am going to discuss a file or software that is used in PUBG Mobile game. Some of you may already know about this file which is known as “Anti Banned Host File” for PUBG Mobile.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the best and leading gaming platforms for Androids, PCs and many other devices. 

However, it is quite famous for Android mobile phone users and emulator gamers. People usually prefer to pay it through emulator as it makes it easier for them to play.

Because Tencent has developed its own emulator through which you can play the mobile version on your PCs or Laptops. But if you are interested to play it through emulators then you need to have high-end PCs with high-quality specifications. 

Moreover, it has high-quality graphics and you cannot run it on second-generation internet connection. That is why I even prefer 4G as well as WiFi connection if you have a stable WiFi connection then use it rather than 3G. 

About Anti Banned Host File

Very few of the people know about this film which is based on a text. This file is used to apply PUBG Hacks and Cheats in Game.

It is an illegal activity that most of the gamers use to get an edge over mobile gamers or others. Basically, it has tons of hacks which are even not possible to mention all those here in this article.

But the prominent cheats usually users prefer are bypassing device detection, invisibility, transparent map, high jumping, and speedy landing. I have mentioned the most used ones here but there are tons of other things that you can do. 

Using this hack is not an easy task for which you need to have multiple apps and a VPN which can work perfectly without disconnecting. However, you must use this Anti Banned Host File on your original PUBG account otherwise you may get banned from it.

Although it is quite impossible if you use the tools perfectly. But there might be a risk if the opponent realizes that you are a cheater then they report to authorities. So, they take quick action and bans your account for almost ten years. 

The person who uses the cheats or hacks gets banned for 10 years while the squad members get a minimum ban. If the squad members are not using such tactics but still, they are in the squad of a hacker then they get from 1 week to 6 months ban. 

Host Anti Ban PUBG

There are several other apps that you can use for Host Anti Ban PUBG such as Strange VPN, Veteran Mode Apk, NetSnake Virtual Apk or you can use any other VPN app.

But the previously mentioned tools or applications are highly recommended by the experts. Although those mentioned applications are not designed for hacking purposes and they are absolutely legal apps. 


The major purpose of sharing this article and the file is to promote awareness and education. Further, we do not recommend or promote any kind of illegal or unethical activities. Therefore, I strongly recommend the users to do not use such stuff or perform unethical and illegal activities.

If still, someone is using these things then we the owners of this website are not responsible for any kind of misuse and misbehavior. Further, we don’t own these tools or files as they are third-party products.

So, if you have any kind of reservation or complaint then please let us know through email. We will take quick action on it. 

Key Features

There are so many features in these tools which you can have right on your Androids. I have pointed out some of the key features for you guys in this article. So, I hope you will get an idea from these points that what kind of tool it is and what it is offering to its users. 

  • It makes you anonymous so to some extent you get safety from being banned.
  • It offers you to fast refreshing option.
  • You can have faster connectivity so you can overcome the lag issue.
  • It offers you to play with low ping.
  • One of the security tools as it has been updated to counter new updates of the official game.
  • You can use it with many Virtual Privates network applications. 


At the I also want to recommend you guys to be fair and improve your gaming skills if you are love games. But if you don’t then take aside and let other people enjoy it.

This file is provided here for educational purposes and for experts. If you are interested to download Anti Banned Host File for PUBG Mobile then you can have it from below download button.

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