BISP 8171 Apk Download For Android [Eligibility Checker]

Ehsaas program is one of the most sophisticated online program to uplift poor people. However, this program was recently renamed and included in the BISP Program. Thus poor people living in Pakistan who want to get this monthly stipend on a regular basis should register themselves installing BISP 8171.

Basically, the purpose of providing this application is to provide an online platform. Using this online platform, people can easily check their eligibility. Further, it also guides the personnel in registering plus tracking their stipend. Additionally, the application assists people in monitoring other ongoing programs.

Remember, the reason for developing this state-of-the-art online platform is to provide a transparent mechanism. This way government can easily monitor and track eligible families. Apart from tracking, this application has made the process of registering online easier and reliable.

What is BISP 8171 Apk?

BISP 8171 App is an online mobile application developed and managed by Master Apps Inc. The key purpose of providing this online channel is to provide a secure gateway. Now using this secure gateway, mobile users can easily track and check their eligibility for the 25000 stipend.

Most people get confused when we recommend using this application? As they believe they can attain authentic information by visiting concerned departments. It is true, that the government has already structured this legal system called the Ehsaas program. Now using this program, mobile users can easily track their eligibility.

Furthermore, they can also attain the necessary information. However, families around the country looking to register with the platform. However, the problem is it takes long hours and people have to wait in a long queue for their turn. Moreover, the families get stuck and feel frustrated seeing these long lines.

To counter this problem and easy approach to authentic information. The developers are successful in providing this secure online platform. Now installing BISP 8171 Download offers the easiest access to an online dashboard. Using the App dashboard assists in checking eligibility and providing authentic info regarding registration. Nigehban Ramadan App and Baldia Online Apk are the best relative random Apps we recommend to install and explore.

Details of APK

NameBISP 8171
Size4.3 MB
DeveloperMaster Apps Inc
Package Namecom.masterappsinc.ehsaas25000program
Required Android5.0 and Plus

Main Highlights of The App

It is very difficult to describe the application in one go. Thus here in this section of the review, we’ll try to mention key points in detail. Now reading the key points assists new mobile users in understanding the App easily. Once it is understood, now using the App will become easier.

Financial Stipend For Low-Income Families

Although the BISP already offered plenty of other assisting programs for poor people of Pakistan. However, now the government has initiated this new facility program. Now becoming part of this new program helps the people in getting this aid transfer. Remember the App assists in checking eligibility.

Live Registration Desk

Previously, people needed to visit offices for registration and gathering information. Further, applicants are required to wait for hours for their turn. However, they complain and request the authorities to provide this online system. Now this individual online App provides all the information including a live registration option.

Eligibility Checker

For families, it is always difficult to wait in long lines to check their eligibility only. In some situations, the families wait for long hours and later they find that they are not eligible for the funding. To counter this, the developers offered this online BISP 8171 Android. Now simply enter CNIC and checkout family eligibility.

Biometric Verification

To make this process more transparent, the experts introduced this biometric authentication system. Without verifying the biometric fingerprint, it is not possible to register. Further, poor and illiterate families find this process difficult. However, now families are recommended to visit Tehsil’s office for assistance.

25000 Stipend

The poor families who found themselves stuck among poor families. Then we recommend those check eligibility and register with the system using the new application. Once the registration is completed, now poor families will get a 25000 stipend once a year.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download BISP 8171?

Out there many websites claim to offer similar Apps for free. But in reality, those online accessible platforms are offering fake and corrupted Apps. Thus what should mobile users do in such a situation, when everyone is offering false files?

In this situation, we recommend mobile users to visit our website. Because here on our webpage we only offer authentic and original Apps. Until we are not assured about smooth operation, we never provide the Apps inside the download section. To download the latest Android App please click on direct download link button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Android App Free To Download?

Yes, the mobile application is completely free to download from here with one click.

Is It Possible To Register Online Using App?

Yes, the purpose of providing the application is to offer a secure online gateway. Using the gateway, people can easily check eligibility and register also.

Can Android Users Trust App File?

The Android version we are providing here is completely safe and secure.


Poor families living in Pakistan with less income can easily apply and get Government Sponsored Aid. To check out eligibility and registration, we recommend installing the new BISP 8171 App. Here installing the latest version of the application helps people get their stipend easily without queuing in long lines.

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