FNAF Plus Apk Download For Android [Horror Game]

Today here we are back with this new edition of Five Nights at Freddy’s called FNAF Plus Apk. Basically, this new version of the gaming App Apk offers accessibility to powerful features including new additions. Here the gamers will enjoy an intense horrific situation managing multiple issues including electrical problems.

Mainly Android gamers believe the different editions of FNAF reflect the same theme. But we want to add that this new version offers more new options and possibilities. The fans will definitely be going to like these key additions inside gameplay. Further, the developers also added these different themes inside.

To make the gameplay more interesting, the experts improved other key aspects of the game. Those key components include graphics, animations, fps and more. Remember the gamers will enjoy exploring this new gameplay with friends. We recommend the interested Android gamers download it from here for free.

What is FNAF Plus Apk?

FNAF Plus Apk is a newly released Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplay for mobile users. Here new gameplay offers more accuracy in terms of robotic movements. Further, the animation and graphics here are also improved. The new gameplay offers a bug-free experience with better reflections in terms of monitoring.

The gameplay starts with this amazing story where a restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza requires security personnel. Now gamers play the role of security guard. The main objective of the guard is to monitor the key movements of the animatronic and make themselves secure from these monsters.

Restaurant is popular for pizza menu and animatronics are placed for fun only. However, the guard is not familiar with the situation where the animatronics become moveable during nighttime. The robotic monsters love hunting humans and during the night the security guard is the only person left there.

The monster becomes active and is now aware of the security guard. Now the only solution for the security guard is to maintain silence and reduce electrical usage. Because the electrical supply is limited and guards are required to spend 5 nights regularly. Thus you are interested and have a better plan then better try out this new FNAF Plus 2024 game. We also shared different other versions of FNAF which are FNAF 6 Apk and FNAF UCN Apk.

Details of APK

NameFNAF Plus
Size339 MB
DeveloperFNaF Plus INC
Package Namecom.lostpawplay.fnafplusfanmade
Required Android4.4 and Plus

We already installed the game on multiple Android smartphones. When we explore the game then we are able to find 6 different features. Those 6 options are New Game, Continue, Custom Night, Settings, Extra and Quit. For fans, it is now possible to save the gameplay and continue to play where they left previously.

Those Android users who are considered new to this gameplay should select the New Game option. There is an additional button offered with the name Custom Night. Now selecting the option will display different characters. Now the gamers can easily select and control animatronics flow from here.

The custom nigh characters include Freddy, Bonnie, Chicha and Foxy. The game players can easily manage these animatronics flow from here. Settings dashboard is offered to modify key operations including Panorama, effect, full screen and v-sync. Extra Menu helps select characters and increase or decrease jumpscares.

The best about this new gameplay is it can be played in both online and offline mode. Further, the new version never supports ads and offers a smooth playing experience to gamers. This is the best opportunity for Android gamers to excel good playing skills by installing the latest FNAF Plus Apk Download.

Key Features of The Apk

This new Android gameplay brings the next level of horrific experience to gamers. To improve the playing experience, the developers upgraded the graphics, animations and sound effects. Apart from these, the developers also integrate these additional key features and here we’ll discuss those in detail.

Revamped Graphics

Here the Android gameplay we are providing is completely newest and offers an exclusive gaming experience to players. To make the gameplay more interesting, the developers revamped the whole graphics settings. So the players will enjoy a realistic gaming experience while playing.


When we compare the current FNAF Plus Apk with previous editions. Then we find this gameplay more challenging and tough. The players are required to play carefully using fewer resources. Here the battery capacity is also improved and players get more lighting time.

Different Characters

This time gamers will find a wide selection of characters as animatronics. Here the players offered extensive features to select any character they wanted to appear in gameplay. Further, the developers also provide different characters with extra options.

Advanced Animation Camera

When we played the game and able to detect this refined quality of the animation camera. The characters displayed inside the camera are more visible and well-defined. Here the new secrets and challenges make this gameplay more interesting. Thus you are interested then you better try out it.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download FNAF Plus Apk?

When it comes to downloading the latest version of Apks. Android users can trust our website because here on our webpage we only offer authentic and original Apps. To make sure the security, we also hired an expert team.

The key purpose of the expert team is to make sure the provided Apk is completely safe to install. Further, they also make sure it is compatible with multiple Android devices. For downloading the latest Android gaming Apk please click on the direct download link button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus Free To Download?

Yes, the Android gaming App is completely free to download from here with one click. Directly click on the link and easily get gaming App for free.

Can Android Gamers Download Apk From Google Play Store?

Till now the gaming App is not featured inside the Play Store. However, interested Android users can easily get it from here for free.

Are We Providing FNAF Plus Mod Apk?

Here we are providing the official gaming App Apk for Android users. Directly install the game and enjoy an exclusive horrific gaming experience for free.


When it comes to enjoying a horrific gaming App inside Android mobile, we recommend installing the FNAF Plus Apk. Here the gamers will enjoy surviving difficult times avoiding animatronics. Further, all the key restrictions are removed permanently and gamers can enjoy smooth gameplay for free.

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