Free Fire Advance Server Registration [OB23 Registration]

A new option introduced by Garena Free Fire Royal Battle Game called Free Fire Advance Server Registration. This is an opportunity through which gamers can register their selves over OB23 Server to highlight the loopholes inside new season before releasing it globally.

The main objective of offering this new opportunity is to find out the dodges which do exist inside the game and earn up to 3000 diamonds.

Yeah, you heard us right, the player who is successful to find out any error or loophole inside the game will be awarded different gifts including 3000 diamonds.

Garena Free Fire is counted among most downloaded game in 2019. Due to its huge popularity among battle players the game won the award of Best Popular Vote Game. Considering the game popularity the developers decided not taking a single chance to disappoint gamers.

What is the Free Fire Advance Server Registration?

It is a process through which Garena Free Fire Players are allowed to find out the errors of the new season before it was released globally. If someone succeeds to find out the problem or issue inside game new season than he/she will be rewarded with different gifts.

To make the registration process easy, the expert team provided a spread platform where players need to register themselves. Players can register for this particular game using their Facebook Account. Gamers can’t register through manually.

What is Free Fire OB23 Server

OB23 server is the only mainframe where gamers are given break to play a new season of Free Fire before providing worldwide. The latest season of game uploaded over OB 23 server and only available platform to download and play new season.

Two different batches will be registered in spread dates. From 10 to 15 July the first batch will register and the second batch will start from 16 July to 19 July. In given dates players can apply for registration. Remember Facebook Account is necessary for this process.

How to Register Over Free Fire Advance Server OB 23

Though the registration is already has been started. So be quick and don’t waste this opportunity to reflect your pro skill. Thus the process is very simple and easy. But we believe it is our core duty to guide the user and help the user to make this process even easier.

Every step is mentioned down here for user assistance, all you need to do is just follow the below steps and implement the process accordingly for smooth and accurate registration.

  • First, you need to visit the Official Website before the initial registering process.
  • Once you are successful to open the website, scroll down the page and click on Login using Facebook Account.
  • Soon you click on the Login button, it will automatically redirect you to the registration form.
  • Inside page, you need to enter credentials including personal info, E-Mail Address and more.
  • After entering the data carefully please cross-check the data again. Once you are sure the data provided is authentic than press submit button to complete the registration process.

Screenshot of Free Fire Advance Server

How to Download Garena OB23

After you are done with registering an account the next phase it downloading Free Fire Advance Server. The downloading process will start on 15 July 2020. Follow the below steps for downloading purpose.

  • Visit the Official Website on 15 July 2020 and login through Facebook which you used before for registration purpose.
  • Go to menu section and download the Apk File of OB23 Server Free Fire.
  • Install the Apk File and earn different rewards for free.


So what are you waiting for, this is the only chance through which you can reflect your pro skills and get a chance to win 3000 diamonds with different gifts. The new latest season is equipped with different male and female character with the new addition of AUG weapon.