Top Free Fire Pets For 2021 In Garena Free Fire Game

If you are playing the Free Fire game and don’t owe any Free Fire Pets in your game account then you are missing an integral part of the game. Like other items and features in the Free Fire game, pets are also an integral part of the game that helps players in different ways while playing the game.

In this article, we will tell you about those pets which have some unique abilities and power which help users on the battlefield while playing the game online with your family, friends, or random players from all around the world.

The most player only knows the importance of characters, heroes, and skins and spend huge money to buy latest characters and costume. The friendly saying costume doesn’t add any ability or power t your character it only changes the appearance of your characters.

If you want to add some unique powers or abilities which influence the game while play online then you must need to buy Free Fire Pet and add it to your account which will be your companions on the virtual battleground.

What are Free Fire Pets in FF Game?

Basically, these are new items added by game developers in-game which are companions of players on the battlefield and help players while fighting against other players using their own special abilities and powers.

Friendly saying there are tons of different FF pets in Game store which have their own special abilities like game characters and heroes. One of the problems with these pets is that this premium or paid items that why players don’t use them.

Players think that buying these items is not worth in-game but in reality, these items are more important than skins and costumes. So, we have tried to mention some most powerful pets in this article which help players to know about their abilities.

If you want to get information about different FF pets and their abilities then read this whole article and also share this information to other FF players so that more player knows about the importance of Pets in-game.

Which are the most powerful Free Fire Pets in-game store?

As mentioned in the above paragraph there are tons of different FF pets so it is not possible to mention all pets here that why we have only mentioned top-rated and positive reviewed pets here for players.


This pet help players on the battlefield to restore EP by using a treatment gun or medical kit. The recovered EP is approximately 65% of restored HP at the base level.

 To buy this pet players need to pay 699 diamonds in-game store. It is famous for its special skill Double Blubber.

•             The description you see on this pet’s profile is “Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically talented otter.”


This pet is also famous among FF players but it only works in battle royale mode only. It does not work in clash squad mode that why it is not much famous like other pets.

This pet has Skyline Spree skill which helps players to speed up gliding speed by 45% and also player able to speed up parachute speed up to 50% after its opening. Players can easily buy this pet from a game store by paying 699 diamonds.

•             The description on this pet’s profile is “When it spreads its wings, and soars, sky, and land merge at the horizon.”

Detective Panda

This pet is used as a blessing in-game by players which automatically increases HP 10% if any opponent is eliminated from the battlefield.

It has a special skill which is known as Pandas blessing which helps to increase HP in-game. players can easily buy this beautiful pet from a game store by paying 699 diamonds.

•             The description on this pet’s profile is “I will protect the world!”

Mr. Waggor

This pet is usually useful for passive style FF players which helps them to get free 1 Gloo Wall every 100 seconds when they have less than 2 Gloo Walls.

Players can easily buy this pet from the game store by paying 699 diamonds and use its special Smooth Gloo skills while playing the game.

  • The description you see on this pet’s profile is “Once a guinea pig in the lab, Mr. Waggor was brought home as a pet due to his cuteness. That led to his great escape and subsequent wandering life.”

Apart from the above Free Fire Pets players have the option to get tons of other pets like, Rockie and many more which have their own special abilities.

Final Words

Top Rated Free Fire Pets for Android are special items that help players in battle felid while playing a game against their opponents or enemies. If you want to influence games through different special abilities then buy special pets from the game store and enjoy the game with your special companion.

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