What Rewards FF Players Get In Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass?

As you know that Garena Free Fire release new elite pass for every new month so that player gets chance to win different prizes and bonus. In this article, we will tell Free Fire players about the “Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass” for android smartphones and tablets.

Friendly saying everyone wants to know about the exact released date and time of elite pass so that they can easily avail it. As you know that this month is just near to end so the elite pass 34 is also useless at the end of this month.

People who have already avail elite pass 34 are now searching for the released date of the next elite pass which will start in the upcoming month of April. If you are one of those FF players then you are on the right page because, in this article, we will tell you about the release date, time, and many more things about season 35 for free.

What is Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass?

Basically, this new elite pass which free fire official will be releasing in the upcoming month of April for FF players this elite pass help players to get free premium items like, diamonds, skins, characters, battle emotes, recalls, spawn, and many more game items and features for free.

 Friendly saying getting free premium items legally is like a blessing for video game players. These elite passes provide them a path to get free premium items by completing different game missions and earn badges in-game.

If you want to win more items through elite passes then you need to maintain progress in elite pass missions by complete them in time. Once you complete the mission required in elite pass season you get several free items and new features.

What is the release date of the Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass?

As you know that Garena Free Fire doesn’t announce any tentative date or time for elite passes they can release them any time when previous elite passes end. So, no one knows the exact time and date.

In this article, we will tell you about the leak released date and rewards which you get in this new FF season 35. As mentioned clearly in the above paragraph this leak date so doesn’t trust a hundred percent on this date and rewards.

According to the leak date, the new elite pass will available in the FF game on 1 April 2021 and players will get a chance to pre-order for this new elite pass soon. To pre-order, this new pass players for new players are 999 diamonds.

However, those who have already previously elite pass season 34 will have the option to update their pass to season 35 for only 499 diamonds.

What rewards players get in Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass For Android?

According to leak data players will so many new items in this new elite pass which they don’t get in any previous season like,

•             Parachute skin (Quedas -Filhas Da)

•             Surfboard skin (Ranch)

•             Emote (Triple Kick)

•             Backpack skin (Schoolbag)

•             New bundle (Dark Night Package)

•             New banner (Dark Night banner)

•             Vest (Sweatshirt)

•             Vehicle skin (Jipo)

These all above-mentioned rewards are not confirmed by game developers in this new elite pass. We have only shared a leaked data so don’t trust 100% on these rewards. Because exact rewards are only known by game officials.

After knowing all the above rewards if you want to pre-order this new elite pass then go to the game lobby and click on the event section where you will see the elite pass option when the game developers start this new event.

Final Words,

Pre Order for Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass for android smartphones and tablets starts soon by game developers. If you want to participate in this new elite pass then follow the below-mentioned step and avail this new opportunity.

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