Invoker Global APK Download for Android [Latest 2022]

No matter how active we were in our childhood. One thing that joined all of us were card games. So we have Invoker Global APK. Let’s go playing. It is all fun, suspense, and adventure.

The adventurous Card and RPG Game duos are all-time favorites of most of us. They sharpen our imagination and at the same time teach us social skills imperceptibly. Then why not go for such a sport that has multiple benefits.

Here we have brought you the game for free. You can download the latest APK version for your mobile and tablets by tapping the link file.

What is Invoker Global APK?

This is a game of unending suspense. It is an amalgamation of strategic cards and adventurous RPG.

The story of Invoker Global APK is interesting.

There is a distant land named Tyral. It is inhabited by many races. But all of these races are divided into three major factions. Led by greedy and ambitious faction leaders, the land is dominated by wars, bloody battles. Chaos reigns like the dark reigning night.

Guardian Angel cannot stand the situation anymore thus summons the Time Gate and takes you back to Tyral, the land of tyranny. He is of the view that only those who have seen numerous wars can do something.

Those who have actively participated in them, those who have observed the rise and fall of societies and civilizations are the only ones capable of taking the land out of this mess.

In Invoker Global APK you are the next generation of Summoners. After losing your own homeland, you are left with just one belonging that is the power to summon anything you want to.

It is time, now, you should use this power for establishing peace. Bring the Heroic Spirits and Leviathans, who will obey what you command, to safeguard the Tyral land.

The whole civilization has eyes on you. They see you as the only hope, their savior.  In your absence, they have seen a lot and cannot suffer any further. Can you prove the Guardian Angel’s decision right? Are you up for the task?

APK Details

NameInvoker Global
Size723 MB
DeveloperEfun Russia Game Ltd.
Required Android5.0 and Above
CategoryGames Card

Invoker Global App Features

The game is full of mystery and surprises for you. As the summoner you must play your role in the epic heroic tales that are about to unfold.

More than two hundred chapters in addition to relic explorations, civil wars, and battles for the throne, you are going to find yourself surrounded by action, surprise, and mystery all the time.

You have the power to summon the invincible heroes to help you. Thor, Dracula, Pandora, and near 100 more heroes can be employed to help you in your journey. They have been designed in various styles and with superb detail from animated and realistic characters.

Perform your magic and fight for awesome weapons, forge gears in the game of Invoker Global APK. As you move ahead you will have increased skills and power. You must build the strongest battalion of epic fighters.

In the Invoker Global APK, you will get a chance to tame more than twenty types of ancient legendary monsters. Hydra, Griffon, and Cerberus bring them under your control and become the most powerful summoner.

But beware, if you call the wrong monster, it might be the end of your life in Tyral. Just be cautious with what you are doing next here.

If you ever get bored of going to the dungeons, there are other tasks to tackle. You can try roguelike adventures. Explore the expansive world of adventures awaiting you. Go under the fog of war.

Unlock the mystery-filled treasures with unlimited rewards. Encounter your enemies and meet friends. This journey is filled with surprises for you.

If you are here to play the game of Invoker Global APK you are going to be disappointed. The faction you are borne into has its own set of infrastructure in the form of building, troop strengths, etc.

Now, you have to develop novel technologies, train your troops for the battles, and fend off the foes. Inaction is not a strategy in Invoker Global APK

Set the formation of heroes at will, it’s your plan and you must act it out. You are here to unify the nation and must know better how to do it. Otherwise, you will be just another victim of the chaos in the land of Tyral.

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It is time to jump in and set the course right for the people of the land. Download and install the Invoker Game APK on your Android mobile or tablet and set out on the journey.

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