The Ruet APK Download For Android [MoonSighting 2022]

Fixing lunar calendar dates has traditionally been done in the Islamic world. Yet this human discretion has always led to varying decisions from the authorities, entitled to give rulings. If you believe science can do that for you, The Ruet APK is for you.

The application has been launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Pakistan to bring harmony in the decision made by the religious clerics in announcing the lunar months in advance.

If you want to know in advance, when the next lunar month starts according to the position of the moon, you can get this app for your Android Mobile Phone and Tablet by downloading it from here.

About The Ruet APK

It is the official moon-sighting Android Application in Pakistan. Its sole purpose is to view the various details related to the moon, its position, crescent width, and rise and set time, etc.

The information is based on science and is made for the purpose of facilitating the people, in general, to facilitate them to sight the moon for important religious and other occasions.

APK Details

NameThe Ruet App
Size5.0 MB
Required Android5.0 and Above

The Ruet App Features

The application has an official five-year Islamic calendar (1440-1445 Hegira), that can be used to determine important dates, celebrations, and commemoration days.

  • Accurate Statistical details of the new Moon
  • Moon Phase information.
  • Amazing simulation of the sky.
  • Requirements to use the App

To work properly and give you updated and accurate real-time information there are certain requirements. The following features and tolls must be enabled and working to get the maximum and accurate details from the application.

  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Multi-touch
  • Touch screen

App Screenshots

Besides, the following features should be permitted on your device.

  • You must allow the application to connect to the internet using your smartphone
  • Permission to use GPS and network-based location.

You can download the latest version of The Ruet APK by clicking on the download button given below.

Download Link