Lucky Cherry Tree Apk Download For Android [Rubik’s Cube]

When we categorized the games, then we were able to detect Rubik’s Cube games more attractive. This game will help determine the clever playing skills of players. Remember this gaming tool will be used as an intellect booster. Thus Android users with great brain power should try Lucky Cherry Tree.

We already installed and explored the gaming App. After exploring the game, we find it completely different from other similar games. As the players were offered complete freedom to solve the puzzle. Remember, solving the puzzle will not only offer enjoyment but also help enhance intellect.

Yes, solving puzzles will ultimately enhance the human ability to solve issues. Although we are not claiming it by ourselves, it was declared after conducting a study. Remember the cube can only be resolved by a minor number of people. Thus Android users can easily check out their intellect trying this new game.

What is Lucky Cherry Tree Apk?

Lucky Cherry Tree Game is a fun-based Android gameplay structured by Corey E Monath. The purpose of the gameplay is to experience the Rubik’s Cube game in virtual form. This means the fans never need to worry about carrying real Cubic. Now it is possible to play game virtually on Android smartphone.

Rubik’s Cube game is always counted among the puzzle games. Now playing this game ultimately helps humans enhance their intellect. Additionally, this gameplay offers a unique playing experience for free. Yes, the players can now enjoy playing this game virtually in real without any restrictions.

Previously, this playing tool was accessible inside educational institutes. The purpose of carrying this tool is to improve the playing skills of students. Further, it also helps adults improve their intellect. Remember, the playing process of gameplay is very simple. Square up the same color block on each side.

Now gamers are offered the freedom to move blocks in 360 degrees. The players are required to move those cubic blocks in such a manner that they can easily build this same color square. The challenging part is all six sides of the block should carry the same color blocks. So interested Android gamers can easily download Lucky Cherry Tree Android from here. Like this gameplay, we already provided plenty of other puzzle games including Dr. Mario World Apk and Wooduku99 Apk.

Details of APK

NameLucky Cherry Tree
DeveloperCorey E Monath
Package Namecom.agiptzx.heabxg.akjsm
Required Android4.0 and Plus

Key Features of The Game

Although the gameplay we are providing here is quite simple. Further, the gamers are offered a complete guide. Now reading those guidelines assists mobile users in understanding the game easily. Additionally, focusing on new gamers, here we’ll elaborate on key points in brief.

Easy To Play

The Android gaming App we are providing here is completely free to download. Once it is downloaded, now mobile users are required to enable unknown sources from mobile settings. After installing the App, now access the main dashboard and enjoy playing this new puzzle game.

3D Movement

The best part about installing and playing game inside an Android smartphone is it offers a three-dimensional experience. Yes, the block offered here is moveable in 360 degrees. Moreover, the whole block is moveable in all directions. Moving blocks helps gamers understand blocks easily including color combinations.

Live Time

When it comes to judging the ability and intellect, then it is only possible through time taken while resolving the puzzle. Yes, the developers integrate this time inside Lucky Cherry Tree Download. As the gameplay starts, the time will automatically start. The time taken by a player while resolving a puzzle will display and help understand intellect.

No Registration or Subscription

The gaming App we are providing here is completely free. Further, it can easily be played in both online and offline mode. This means the game never asks for registration or subscription. Directly access the main dashboard and enjoy playing the game without any restriction. Remember, the application also never supports ads.

Mobile Friendly To Play

The gameplay is simple and lightweight. This means the gaming App never consumes a large proportion of resources. Further, it can be installed and played on all smartphones. In extra, it offers smooth ad-free gameplay. Thus never need to worry about ads and restrictions.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download Lucky Cherry Tree?

Out there many websites claim to offer similar Apps for free. But in reality, those online platforms are offering fake and corrupted files. Thus what should mobile users do in such a situation when everyone is offering false files?

In this situation, we recommend mobile users to visit our website. Because here on our webpage we only offer authentic and original Apps. To download the latest version of gaming App please click on the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Earn Money With It?

Here, the gameplay never provides any option to earn money. It only offers the opportunity to play game.

Does App Support Ads?

Here the gamers will enjoy an ad-free experience.

Is It Free To Download Gaming App?

Yes, the latest version of the gaming application is free to download from here with one click.


Those Android gamers who believe their brain power is enough to resolve any problem. Then we recommend those game players to try out this new Lucky Cherry Tree App. Here Android gamers will enjoy free time resolving Rubik’s Cube. Further, it provides a 3D Playing experience to gamers.

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