MLBB Magic Core Apk Download For Android [ML Wheel]

A new modified version of Mobile Legends Bang Bang has been released and is reachable to download. However, the new gameplay is also called MLBB Magic Core. Here the upgraded version of the game offers this new Magic Wheel revamped feature. Thus earn these cores to unlock legendary items.

Mobile Legends is always considered and counted among the best online action gameplay. Here the gamers will enjoy playing and fighting against real-time players. Remember the players are always in seek of earning different rewards including magic points and magic crystals inside the game.

However, these Magic Points and Crystals are only earnable after participating in battle matches. Remember, winning the battle matches is completely impossible unlocking heroes and powerful skins. Thus now use Magic-Cores to unlock those powerful items and easily win matches.

What is MLBB Magic Core Apk?

MLBB Magic Core Game is the newly upgraded version of the official version. Here the upgraded version of gameplay includes the addition of key items including skins and effects. Additionally, the developers integrate this new Magic-Wheel. Now using the feature, players can easily earn Magic-Cores.

Those MLBB Game players who are old and experienced previous versions are familiar with Magic Points and Crystals. These points and crystals are only earnable after participating in battles. Yet, the game players can also win those points and crystals by spinning the wheel randomly.

However, focusing on the player’s recommendation, the developers integrate this Magic Core feature. Now the cores assist gamers in unlocking skins and effects instantly without any restriction. Remember, these old points and crystals are automatically converted into cores with a 1:1 ratio.

Remember, the cores now become a new virtual currency inside gameplay. Simply use the wheel to earn these extra cores. Further, winning matches and challenges also assists in earning free cores and later use them to unlock powerful skins and other random items. Thus interested ML Gamers should install MLBB Magic Core Download. We also recommend Android gamers to try out other versions of MLBB which include Apatcher GFX Apk and Cyrax MLBB Apk.

Details of APK

NameMLBB Magic Core
Size147 MB
Required Android4.2 and Plus

Key Features of The Gameplay

It is always difficult for new gamers to understand key upgrades. Further, they have no idea about the key functions of these M-Cores. Here we’ll try to elaborate the key functions and options inside the upgraded version briefly. Reading details assist new gamers in understanding gameplay easily.

Play and Earn New Cores

Now Android gamers are recommended to earn these cores by completing quests including moving the wheel. The wheel is directly accessible inside the Draw section. Simply move the wheel using points and try earning points. Remember these Core points are powerful enough to unlock skins and effects.

Free To Download

The new upgraded version of gameplay is not accessible to download out there. However, here we are successful in providing the official and legal version of the gaming App for mobile users. Simply download the gaming App from here with one click and enjoy an upgraded version of gameplay for free.

Smart Conversion

When we compare the MLBB Magic Core Game with the old version, then old game supports Battle Points and Crystals. However, the players are afraid that their points get completely wasted. Then don’t worry because the game automatically converts the earned points into Magic Cores over a ratio of 1:1.

Easy To Utilize Cores

The new core is quite simple and easy to use. Simply download the latest gameplay, and directly earn winning matches. Additionally, these cores are purchasable from the main store. Remember free collecting process takes time. Thus it’s up to the game player which way he/she chooses.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download MLBB Magic Core?

Out there many websites claim to offer similar gaming Apps for free. But in reality, those online accessible sources are offering fake and corrupted files. Thus what should mobile gamers do in such a situation?

In this situation, we recommend mobile gamers to visit our website. Because here on our website we only offer authentic and original Apps. To download the latest version of MLBB please click on direct download link share button.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are We Providing MLBB Mod Game?

Here we are providing the official and legal version of the gaming App for Android users. Simply download the upgraded version to enjoy collecting new Magic Cores.

Is It Free To Download From Here?

Yes, the latest version of the gaming App is completely free to download from here with one click.

Can Android Gamers Trust New Gameplay?

Yes, here we are presenting the official upgraded version of game players.


Android gamers who are bored of using the old mechanism and are willing to try out new processes. Then in this regard, we recommend game players to download and install MLBB Magic Core Game for free. Remember, install the newest version of the gaming App and earn extra rewards for free.

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