Top 5 Offline Games Free For Android (2022)

Android games are best to have some fun in our leisure time. There are thousands of game applications on Play Store or other Android markets, but it is not necessary that all those games available in the market are quality game and most of them are just trash and not more than that.

However, there are some games which are really entertaining and very addictive.

You can find every kind of offline games free for Android or online Android games from action based to the arcade, racing, fighting and so in Market.

But the best feature of any game that it must be played everywhere or anytime so it can be only done if those are Free games that do not need a WiFi connection.

We all want to have an Android game on our Androids that can be played anywhere anytime.

This can only happen when you have offline games for Android on your smartphone because online Android games can be played on only internet connection but offline games can be easily played without WiFi.

When we download any Android game usually we don’t find any kind of information whether the game is offline or online thus it makes it very difficult for users to decide whether they should download the game or not.

Therefore, in this article, we have tried to provide some of the best Android games available in the market which you can play offline and does not need an internet connection or WiFi connection.

So in this article, you can download those Game Apps which do not need WiFi connection except you need an internet connection to download Apk files or some of its data. Otherwise, the games we have listed down here in this article are offline.

Before going to provide the list of the offline games free for Android we will try to explain some of the very important things to our visitors here.

Why Developers Create Online Android Games?

It is very important to mention here that android developers create online android games in order to maintain the security of their game applications.

Because there are so many thief developers or hackers who try to copy or steal the idea even sometimes the whole game application and modify the whole data of the game for their own purposes.

Furthermore, in offline games, there is a risk of hacking because hackers usually hack the game and provide so many paid features of the game for free which can be a huge loss for the developers when it comes to their revenue.

Because developers earn money by selling the most addictive features of their games.

Another reason for developing online games is that most of the developers earn money via Google AdSense therefore when players play those game online it makes easier for the developers to make more money. There might be more reasons to develop online games.   

However, despite these all risks there are so many high reputed Companies and individuals who are developing offline Android games so their users can enjoy those games. Further, they keep their apps very secure.

List of Top Offline Games Free For Android

So let’s try to find out what kind Apps do we have in the list of top offline free games that do not need a WiFi connection.

1. Minecraft Pocket edition (No WiFi Needed)

Minecraft is an Android application that falls on top of our list of free games that can be played offline. Minecraft Apk is not a free game you have to purchase the game from the Google Play or Play Store. However, the game is not an online game and once you buy the app then you can play it offline.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (Offline games free for Android)

Minecraft is developed by Mojang and it is based on an adventure in which players can use their creativity to complete or win rewards.

Minecraft offers you small block cubes on which you are supposed to develop a new virtual world.

You can use those block cubes to create buildings, bridges, clouds and so many other things that are necessary to create a new virtual world. Furthermore, there are stones, dirt, bricks and sand to fulfil all the materials.

Minecraft provides different game modes to its users, such as survival mode in which user need to cut blocks and those can be collected in an open world.

In this mod further, there are enemies who will come to destroy you so you have to get yourself prepared for those bad guys. The game also offers in-app purchases.  

So now explore the virtual world with incredible Minecraft Pocket Edition Game App. Minecraft Pocket Edition is the game that allows you to create a world of your own by building the smallest buildings to giant buildings, weapons, castles and so many other things.

Minecraft Pocket Edition also allows you to play with your friends as well as survive alone. Although it is an offline game in order to play with friends you might need the fastest internet connection. You have survival mode, multiplayer mode, alone mode and some other game modes in the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for the Windows 10 and Android smartphones and tablets. Further users can expand their game by discovering new maps, skins, and textures from the creators they love most. The game also allows you to give away so many items to your friends.

You can create your own new resource packs if you are tech-inclined and can be able to modify the data in the game. Minecraft Pocket Edition offers you to play in multiplayer mode where you can play with 10 players (friends), further it has cross-platform.

If you going to download or buy Latest Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk then you will be going to have Pandas spawning in jungles where you will see that they are rolling, lounging, and lazing on the green grass. You can also keep your pets in the latest edition of the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition has 76 Mb size and it only works on Android 4.2 and up versions. If you want to download the game simply go to Google play store and search for the game and download it.

2. Hill Climb Racing 2 (No WiFi Needed) (Apk)

Hill Climb Racing 2 captured the 2nd rank in the list of top free Android games that work without internet or WiFi.

However, this incredible game can be also played online with friends for that you will need a WiFi connection. Otherwise, the game is offline and you don’t need any WiFi connection to play other game modes.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the 2nd edition of Hill Climb Racing that was one of the best racing games that I have ever played and it is really so much addictive.

Once you play Hill Climb Racing 2 Game Apk I am damn sure that you are going to be addicted to that game. Because the graphics are so good and developers have modified the game much better than its previous version.

Hill Climb Racing 2 (Offline games free for Android)

If you have ever played Hill Climb Racing old edition then you must know that it was one of the best experience for you however, Hill Climb Racing 2 the second edition has now much more fun to offer you.

So simply Hill Climb Racing 2 is the upgraded version of the previous one which offers more cars, costumes and maps or you can say tracks with more difficulties. You can do backflips and front flips too while racing.  

Unlike Minecraft Pocket Edition Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to download and install. However, you have the option to buy premium features via In-App purchases.

This game contains ads so you can get premium one to get rid of irritating ads. Nevertheless, there is one benefit of the ads that you can get rewards for watching ads in the game.

We must not forget to mention Fingersoft Racing for creating or developing such an incredible Android game that is free to download and its fans can play it without a WiFi connection. Hill Climb Racing 2 is compatible on all android devices.

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2

  • Free to download and play.
  • Offline game and it can be played online too if you are interested to play with your friends.
  • Get the fastest cars and Jeeps.
  • Ride on adventurous tracks and maps.
  • You can have Multiplayer events weekly.
  • Upgrade your cars and their engine.
  • You can customize your cars and characters too.
  • Very friendly environment.
  • It is safe to play.
  • Anyone can play the game no any age restrictions.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • User-friendly interface and layout.
  • You can make challenges to your friends.

Compete for the race and become the best racer.

Further, the best thing about the game is that developer always get your feedbacks and bring modifications according to your choices thus providing you with the updated version.

If you are interested in downloading Hill Climb Racing 2 then simply go to Google play store and search for the game and download it.

3. Flick Soccer (No WiFi Needed) (Offline)

Flick Soccer (Football) Game Apk ranks 3rd in our Top 5 free games that don’t use WiFi. This (Flick Soccer Apk) game is the only Soccer game in our list which captured our attention just because of its fantastic graphics and addictiveness.

Flick Soccer is really addictive game that is considered as one of the most famous soccer game application currently because millions of Android users have downloaded the game from play store and they have appreciated all its features.

Flick Soccer (Offline games free for Android)

We can find tons of Soccer games on play store but most of those game need a WiFi connection to play or they are paid. However, sometimes those soccer apps are useless and trash, therefore, we have selected Flick Soccer Apk for you because it is free and you can play anytime anywhere.

Flick Soccer developers provide updates to maintain its performance and modify the game by keeping the feedbacks of users in their mind.

This (Flick Soccer Apk) is available for all kind of Android users but sometimes some games are age-restricted. Flick Soccer is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets.

The game brings you quality graphics so you can enjoy the game while playing in a realistic environment.

The best feature which I love most in the Flick Soccer is that it has commentary and you can listen to the mesmerising commentary. You can score as many goals you want to because the game is all about scoring goals.

When you score more and more goals you get fantastic rewards for that such as new characters, Football jersey, soccer joggers, hairstyles and much more. You can customize your favourite characters by selecting skin colour, hair colour and much more.

Swipe your finger on the screen to pass the ball or to the goal. Further, when you start the game it plays a demo for you so you come to know about the game that how you are supposed to play the game.  

So the game is very simple and you start the game from the easiest and gradually difficulty increases when you pass or complete the levels.

At last, I just want to tell you that Flick Soccer is absolutely free and offline Android game if you want to have some fun in your leisure time and you are a huge fan of soccer then Flick Soccer is the best option for you.  

If you want to download the game simply go to Google play store and search for the game and download it.

4. Jungle Marble Blast (Offline Game)

If you are a huge fan of Arcade games then you are on right spot because the game that falls in 4th rank of our list, is one of the best Arcade games available on Android Market and that is “Jungle Marble Blast”.

Jungle Marble Blast is one of my own favourite games that are really fun and you guys going to love this game if you once install the game on your androids.

Most of you might know about the Zuma which is one of the most addictive games too but the bad thing about that game is that it is not offline and you need WiFi or internet connection to play the game.

Jungle Marble Blast (Offline games free for Android)

Jungle Marble Blast is just like Zuma but it is absolutely free to download and play and more importantly, you do not need an internet connection or WiFi to play the game. Therefore, Jungle Marble Blast score the 4th rank in the list of Top 5 free Games no Needed WiFi.

If I was about to write on a top 5 Arcade games for Android then I will give Jungle Marble Blast a top 1 ranking because this game is very simple, light, good graphics and addictive. However, here in this article, we are selecting games from every category that have fascinated the users from its features.

The gameplay of Jungle Marble Blast is very simple as I said, just tap/click on the screen or balls that you want to blow up but you have to match the same colours and the striker ball can only strike and blow the balls which have the same colour to the striker ball.

Shoot and blow all the balls. If you failed to stop the balls’ sphere from entering into the ground on the map then you lose the level and you will need to restart the game. If you can stop the sphere from entering into the ground then you pass the level and you will be upgraded to the next level.  

Jungle Marble Blast is a very simple and light android game that consumes less storage in your androids and it works on low battery so you don’t need to worry about battery consumption. If you are facing any kind of issue while playing the game.

Then you can get a compatible version of the game for your android, however, Jungle Marble Blast works on almost every Android smartphone and tablet. If you want to download the game simply go to Google play store and search for the game and download it.

5. Asphalt 8 Airborne (Asphalt Offline)

Asphalt 8 Airborne comes in 5th rank of our list of (Top 5 Free Game No WiFi Needed). It is a game application which is the 8th series of Asphalt games and you can also find its previous series or versions on Play Store. However, those are online and you cannot play offline.

Asphalt 8 Airborne game is one of the most loved Android Racing games and the quality of graphics makes it the coolest racing game for Android.

While playing Asphalt 8 Airborne you feel the realistic racing environment as it has high graphics and you can see the cars and maps or tracks look like real.

Asphalt 8 Airborne (Offline games free for Android)

If I say that Asphalt 8 Airborne is the greatest combination of speedy cars, awesome tracks, highly advanced cars and high-quality graphics then I would be more appropriate.

I would love to give top 1 ranking to Asphalt 8 Airborne when it comes to best Racing game apps. Because it has the most high-quality graphics, which is one of the most important features of any game whether that is for Android or other devices.

Players enjoy the game when they see realistic maps, tracks, cars and other things thus Asphalt is the only racing game that provides such features in their Games.

I am not saying that Asphalt 8 Airborne is the only game which has best features but its previous series have also the same high-quality graphics and same realistic gameplay.

But the best thing that I love the most and you will also love to is that Asphalt 8 Airborne is an offline game when you download the app it will also download the data for offline and you can play it offline. Therefore, Asphalt 8 Airborne comes in our list of top 5 free games no WiFi needed.

Thanks to the developers because it seems like that they have put all their every effort in that one game to provide the most unique, high quality, realistic and joyous game to their fans.

Further, there is no doubt that they are succeeded in their cause and millions of android users have downloaded the game.

If you want to download the game simply go to Google play store and search for the game and download it. Users can also download the Asphalt 8 Airborne Mod Data or Asphalt 8 Airborne Obb Data for their Androids.


This was the list of Top 5 free games or no WiFi games for Android. Hope so this will help Android users to get the best offline android game for their Android devices and they enjoy those games anytime anywhere in their leisure time.

If you think you have Android game which can be played offline and I have missed that game in the list then please let me know about the game in the comment section below thanks.

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