Pokémon Masters EX Apk Download For Android [2023]

Pokémon Masters was launched about a year ago and was developed by DeNA Co., Ltd. Focusing on the player’s interest including their participation. The developers offered to download a new version of gameplay with a brand new name called Pokémon Masters EX Apk.

Though the previous version also covers some interesting elements which make it unique from other games. But focusing on the anniversary and new additions, the experts decided to rename the game with the name of Pokémon Masters EX. However, they didn’t change the whole game but added EX at the end.

The main reason behind adding EX inside the Pokémon Masters EX was to bring something new and unique. Which not only reflects the change but also presents the up-gradation. Inside the Master Ex, the developers made two significant changes.

Which includes Battle Against Champions and Upgrade the Sync Pairs To 6 Star EX. Apart from these two significant changes, the experts also brought basic necessary changes to the gameplay. Which includes HATCH EGGS, TEAM UP, Dark Stories Unfold and Wearing Outfits Exclusive Trainers Don Special Outfits.

Besides all these features, the players can participate inside the arena to show their skills. To qualify for the highest rank, the player needs to compete and beat the other four highest-rank players. Once he/she successfully competes then in reward the game will award points.

Which can be used for further up-gradation of Pokémon. When we look inside the prior version than we found these limitations. Where the player can adjust the Pokémon power up to a certain level. But now inside the latest version of Pokémon Masters EX, the gamer can upgrade their heroes to 6-star level.

What is Pokémon Masters EX Apk

Pokémon Masters EX Apk is a role-playing game where the players need to participate in different arenas. Moreover, for great teaming the gamer need to sync with different teams. The minimum requirement is three players and choose the ideal players who is good for your gameplay.

Inside the champion stadium, the player needs to compete with 4 elite regional champions. Increase your power with the help of Pokemon Trainers and rise to the top inside your pair to get the Hall of fame of title. If you are successful to entitle the Hall of fame then in reward the player will get different gifts including points.

Enjoy original stories connected to different outfits. Even the dark stories unfold in the villain arc, featuring team rocket and other villainous organizations. Invite trainers as guest and meet them. Thus you are ready to enjoy this new Pokémon then install Pokémon Masters EX Apk.

Details of APK

NamePokémon Masters EX
Size100 MB
DeveloperDeNA Co., Ltd.
Package Namecom.dena.a12026418
Required Android5.0 and Plus
CategoryGames Role Playing

Now the player can increase the sync power up to 6 stars EX. Previously the player can increase the pair level to 5-star level with a custom team. But now he/she can increase up to a 6-star level. Moreover, add HATCHED Pokémon EGGS and Team Up will help the player discover new Pokémon.

Discover as many as monsters to make your gameplay stronger. For training, we suggest the players assemble trainers who are matched and ideal in terms of synchronization. Past leaders and Elite Trainers will come together and start the adventure.

To make your team stronger, we suggest the gamer choose the ideal character experiencing the past. And choose a familiar new trainer lodge to make the gameplay more adventurous. For more information please check the storylines including new stories.

Here inside mod Apk, some new completed minor game improvements are made. In past, the GYM Leaders are offered as complements. New Pokemon considers device’s capabilities and requires a compatible OS to function properly. Thus Download Pokémon Masters EX Apk and enjoy new gameplay features.

Key Features of The Game

  • It offers multiple new features including 6 Stars EX and Champion Stadium.
  • Moreover, the player can discover more Pokémon’s Hatching New Eggs.
  • Past trainers will come together for adventurous trips.
  • Participate inside Champions Arena and battle again Elite 4.
  • For good performance, the player needs to build the ultimate 3 teams.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Pokémon Masters EX Apk

For downloading purpose the android mobile users can trust our website. Because we only share authentic and original Apk Files. To make sure the user is entertained with the right product we install the same Apk over different devices.

Once we are sure that the Apk is free of malware and stable to use. Then we provide it inside the download link button. To download the latest version of Pokémon Masters EX Apk click on the download link button.

After downloading, locate the downloaded file and initiate the installation process. Once the installation completes go to the mobile menu and launch the game. Don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources from mobile setting.

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  1. Are We Providing Pokémon Masters EX Apk Mod Apk?

    Yes, here we are offering the both official and Mod Apk file for Android gamers. Directly download any of provided game files and enjoy new gameplay with friends.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Pokémon Masters EX Apk GBA?

    We are not assuring any guarantees, yet we installed the GBA game and find it stable. Remember here we are offering Android version App. It is not possible to get GBA version here.

  3. Can Android Gamers Download Pokémon Masters From Google Play Store?

    Yes, the latest official version of the Android App is accessible to download from Google Play Store. Even Android gamers can also download Apk file from here.


So what are you waiting for, click on the download link button to get Pokémon Masters EX Apk and enjoy discovering new features. Don’t forget to visit our website regularly because we upload the latest Apk Files timely. During installation, if you face any problems feel free to contact us.

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