Pool Guideline Tool Download For Android [Mod Menu]

Playing Billiard and Pool games is always difficult. As the gamers are required to predict shot trajectories by adjusting the angle. Most gamers may be unable to predict the right trajectory. Therefore focusing on gamers’ assistance, here we are presenting this incredible Pool Guideline Tool.

Now installing the particular Android App allows the game players to easily predict short trajectories. Moreover, using the tool also provides correct angle information regarding shots. Remember the application we are providing here is completely free and easy to deploy on smartphones.

There is one problem mobile gamers may experience and that is detection issue. Yes, the application is detectable in nature and once it is detected, the gaming account will be banned permanently. However focusing on security, the developers integrate necessary protocols to avoid assisting tool detection.

What is Pool Guideline Tool?

Pool Guideline Tool is an online third-party support Android mod menu tool. The key purpose of this Android App is to offer different angle guidelines. Now reading those guidelines assists gamers in predicting the shot trajectories. Moreover, the App provides an accurate angle for taking a perfect shot.

Billions of Android gamers already downloaded the popular 8 Ball Pool game. Moreover, mobile users also love to play other Billiard games. The most often problem players may experience playing pool and billiard games is trajectory problems. Yes, the game players may be unable to predict trajectories.

Due to a lack of skill, the players may be unable to take perfect shots. For suppose if a gamer is successful in managing the angle, however he/she may be unable to detect ball trajectories. Yes, most Android gamers manage to take a shot. Yet they may experience predicting problems after taking a shot.

Therefore focusing on all these problems and game players’ assistance, the developers introduced a new assisting App. Now directly installing this incredible mod menu tool, game players can easily predict shot trajectories. Thus interested gamers are recommended to install Pool Guideline Tool Download. We already offered plenty of other relative modifying tools for Pool and Billiard Games which are Snake 8 Ball Pool Apk and Cheto Aim Pool Apk.

Details of APK

NamePool Guideline
Size4.8 MB
DeveloperGhostApps Inc.
Package Namecom.ghostapps.guidelinetool
Required Android4.3 and Plus

Key Features of The App

Although this Android gaming App is simple and easy to understand. However, some Android users may experience great difficulty regarding features and operations. Below here we’ll discuss those key details including operations in detail. Reading key points assists players understand App easily.

Grid Lines

Basically, the feature is completely unique and addictive. Now using the particular option, players can easily understand the distance between balls. Additionally, the grid map also helps in predicting the shot’s direction and angle. Remember this grid map option is easily manageable from the menu.

Angle Line

This option is amazing and makes the gameplay quite easier. Yes, deploying the Angle Line assists the player in taking a perfect shot without any mistakes. This means the particular feature makes sure the shot angle is in the right direction. Further confirms the shot taken is in angle and perfect.

Double Line

Now we find this option completely different. Mainly the angle lines are best to predict shots. However, some players may find these lines difficult to read. Thus focusing easy to detect, here Pool Guideline Tool Android presents Double Line. Enabling the option helps detect lines easily.

Line Width

Although the developers integrate this double-line option for Android users. Yet, mobile users who are experiencing difficulty detecting lines. Then we recommend using this particular Line Width option. Here using the option, mobile users can easily adjust the line width dragging adjuster.

Sensitivity & Opacity

Those Android game players who experience difficulty with touching. We recommend mobile users adjust the sensitivity. Further, there is an extra opacity feature offered. Now using the particular option assists in adjusting the angle lines opacity.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download Pool Guide Tool?

Instead of jumping directly towards installation and utilization of gaming App. The initial step is downloading and for that Android users can trust our webpage. Because here on our website we only offer authentic and original Apps.

To make sure the provided file is authentic and original, we also hired an expert team. Until the expert team is not assured about the smooth operation, we never offer the Apk inside the download section. To download the latest version of the Android application please click on direct download link button.


Are Pool Guideline Tools Allowed?

When it comes to using the application for casual gameplay, then it is okay. However, using the App for competitive games is illegal. Thus we recommend using the application at your own risk.

Does App Requires Registration or a Subscription?

Here the Android application we are offering is completely free. Further, the services provided by the application are registration and subscription-free.

Is It Safe To Install The App File?

We already installed the Android application on multiple smartphones and found it stable. However, we recommend mobile users install and use the App at their own risk.


Mobile game players with weak pool and billiard game skills better try out this new Pool Guideline Tool. Basically, the application offers complete freedom to enjoy using guidelines including angle lines. Further, it also provides the option to incorporate the grid map for better understanding.

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