PUBG New State Pre-Register 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Today everyone out there is playing one game or another. In the past games were for the kids; today everyone plays them. One reason for this spread of games is that there are all types of games available for us to play.

Among the many genres Battle Games have always been the favorites among the users. With the advent of mobile phones, the popularity of such games has skyrocketed.

When you hear about mobile games, you think of a few big games that you have heard of. PUBG is such a game, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of this game.

There are mixed feelings regarding this game among different people. But one thing is certain, PUBG defines the gaming scene of this decade.

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PUBG New State Pre Register:

The hype surrounding PUBG is so high that any news related to it makes it to the top. Similarly, the talks of the PUBG New State and its pre-order have made many of the gamers psyched.

In this article, team LusoGamer is going to tell you about the PUBG New State. Furthermore, I will also share the method to get it in pre-order. So let’s get it started.

What is PUBG New State?

Before I go on and delineate the ways to pre-order the PUBG New State, first I will tell you what this is all about. The PUBG New State is expected to be a new update of the game.

Although the main premise will remain the same, there will be some changes in the gameplay. The current PUBG is a battle royale game where 100 players are left on an island to fend for themselves. Among the 100 only one player can out-live the others.

The PUBG New State version aims to usher in some improvements in the gameplay. For example, we can expect the graphics to improve a bit more. There can be many changes that are on the cards.

How to Register for PUBG New State?

The PUBG New State is available online for pre-order. What is a pre-order? Actually, it is done in order to get the game installed the moment it is made available.

To pre-register for PUBG New State, you don’t have to look left or right. To get it, you just need to go to the Playstore app. Here you can type the name of the game and tap on the ”˜Pre-register’ option.

It will get you in quo to get the game once it is available. But how long it is going to take? Well, there are good reasons to believe that this game will be made available within a week. Till then polish your skills on the previous version.

How to Download PUBG New State Game?

Some have raised the question about the possibility of downloading PUBG New State Apk. The matter of fact is that this game isn’t available anywhere. Therefore, no matter how hard you look out for it online, you won’t get it.

The only place that you can get this game is Playstore. So wait a little bit more to get PUBG New State pre-register Playstore.

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PUBG New State Game Review:

The PUBG New State is expected to be a game-changer. Since it isn’t rolled out yet, it is hard to review it properly.

Final Thoughts:

There is good news for all the PUBG players: a new version is going to be on their phones. Isn’t that amazing? PUBG New State download will be available within a week.

Until then carry-on with what is available. By doing that you can sharpen your skills so you step into the new version as being prepared.

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