Remote Gsmedge Apk Download for Android [2022]

Are you stuck in the Bypassing Google account on Samsung devices? Or want to remove your Google account on those devices? then I have a simple solution for you.

That solution is quite simple and I am talking about “Remote Gsmedge Apk” which is specially designed for most of the Samsung devices.

About Remote GsmEdge

It is an Android Application that is developed by an individual whose name is Sajid Rza. Before the creation of the App, most people used to apply various kinds of methods to remove or bypass FRP. However, after the release of this amazing tool, it has made everything very simple.

Basically, when you reset or install a new software update on your devices then you need to enter your Google email and password to open it again. But sometimes it does not open due to a different kind of issues.

Therefore, people came up with various kind of solution which is quite complex and sometimes those techniques works but sometimes they don’t.

So, instead of going into such difficult processes why don’t you use this easy and automatic Hacking App on your phones. Because this works in a legal way as it allows you to create another account on that same device that cannot unlock.  

Details of APK

NameRemote GSMEDGE
Size28.49 MB
DeveloperSajid Rza
Required Android4.1 and up
CategoryApps Tools

Why Need Remote GSMEDGE App?

There is a question rises if you can unlock your phone manually then why you need that App and how is it possible to install an Application on a locked smartphone? I will address these questions one by one. But here, let’s start with this question that why you need it.

Because in order to unlock the phone you need to enter your Gmail id and password but unfortunately you have forgotten all those details.

If you would have remembered those details then you could have opened it easily. That is why now it has become essential for you to take help from this tool.

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How to Install And use Remote Gsmedge Apk

Another question is that if the phone is locked then how it is possible for someone to install any Apk? So, I want to share a brief but step by step answer to this question here to make it easy for the users to understand it and apply it on their smartphones.

  1. Open your device.
  2. Connect to WiFi which must be stable and faster.
  3. Then tap or click on Home Button three times.
  4. You will see a different menu will open on your screen so draw ”˜L’ on the screen.
  5. Another menu will pop up.
  6. Tap on ”˜Talkback Settings’.
  7. Tap or click on the home button 3 times again.
  8. Go to Help & Feedback.
  9. Go to ”˜Get Started with Voice Access’.
  10. Then you will see a YouTube Video there so tap on the Play button.
  11. Then tap or click on ”˜Getting Started with a voice’ in that video.
  12. It will take you to YouTube.
  13. Tap on the User icon of YouTube.
  14. Then go to terms and Privacy Policy.
  15. Then tap on cancel and press on Bookmarks.
  16. Go to the Download History option.
  17. Now tap on ”˜My Files’ it will let you open your SD card or you can also plug a USB.
  18. Then you have to install an application known as a ”˜Quick Shortcut Maker’ on the same mobile.
  19. Then open that App directly when installed.
  20. Then click on the Settings option.
  21. Go to the option of ”˜Apps’.
  22. Click on the Menu option or on the icon with three dots.
  23. Now click on the ”˜System Apps’ option.
  24. Then Go to ”˜Google Account Manager’ and disable it.
  25. Back to the main settings option.
  26. Click on Lock Screen and Security.
  27. Then ”˜Other Security Setting’.
  28. Tap on ”˜Device Administrators’.
  29. Then you will see ”˜Find my Device’.
  30. Uncheck or disable ”˜Find My Device’.
  31. Go back to ”˜Apps’.
  32. Click on ”˜Google Play Services’ by opening System Apps and disable it.
  33. Back to the ”˜Quick Shortcut Maker’.
  34. Open ”˜my files’ by searching in the box.
  35. Now tap on the main File of (Remote Gsmedge Apk).
  36. Now go back to the main Settings.
  37. Then Cloud and Accounts.
  38. Tap on accounts.
  39. Then open Add account option.
  40. Click on Google.
  41. Enter new account details or create one.
  42. Now go back to the System Applications and enable those which you have disabled.
  43. Now also enable or checkmark the option ”˜Find My Device’.
  44. Now close all the menus and go to the start point.
  45. Tap on next or skip and wait for few seconds.
  46. Now restart your phone.
  47. You are done.

Note: This application only works on most of the Smartphones and tablets which have an Android Operating System so it is not compatible with other devices.


Before the release of this tool, people were used to applying the Calculator method which was very complex and difficult. That is why most of the users failed to unlock through that method.

Now you must be thankful for this amazing tool which has made it easier for you to unlock your phones within a few minutes.

If you are having the same problem then I must recommend you to get this tool for your mobile. So, Download the latest version of Remote Gsmedge Apk for your Android Samsung devices.


Q 1. Is Apk Safe?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and use because we have tested this on our own devices and it works.

Q 2. Is Remote GSMEDGE APK Free?

Ans. Yes, it is a free tool and there are no charges for its usage.


Ans. Yes, it is legal.

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