Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Apk Download On Android [2022]

Traditionally, playing Pokemon Go was considered a unique experience due to its real-time gameplay, which focuses more on catching different Pokemon. The Go version of the game was quite limited. Here, we provide Lets Go Pikachu Apk that focuses on gamers’ interests.

Basically, the game we are presenting here is purely modified and doesn’t require a subscription. Moreover, it has been upgraded with new features that were not present in the previous version.

While there are already tons of new, upgraded features included inside that are only available for free without any subscription. For those of you who are interested in gameplay and are ready to play with friends. You can download the Pikachu Apk Mod Game for free.

What is Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Apk

Lets Go Pikachu Apk is an online role playing adventure gaming application. That offers players an actual playing experience with an advanced artificial intelligence system. Where they can fight and find different Partner Pokémon that move around.

The first version of Go was launched in 2014. After the launching of the official game, the market was shook by the great attention presented by gamers. Developers also made timely modifications to the game once it was launched.

Despite the initial success, the platform did not gain much attention. Therefore, focusing on the importance and gamer’s interest, the developers finally came out with a new, modified version dubbed Pikachu. That is rich in different pro features including Pokemon collection.

The mobile game offers many new options and opportunities for players. We’ll discuss those details below as well as key improvements inside the game. If you’re interested, you can download Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu for free.

Details of APK

NamePokemon Lets Go Pikachu
Size325.5 MB
Package Namecom.xinxinjoy.kdyg.aligames
Required Android5.0 and Plus
CategoryGames Adventure

During our playtime with friends, we found a variety of new pro features within the game. Among these are new pokemons and characters. One of the most important changes is upgraded graphics with ultra FPS in order to provide a realistic experience.

It is common for players to ask if it is possible to play with 2 players. The developers claim to agree and gamers have attempted to play with 2 players. This indicates that players have been able to experience the multiplayer option.

The goal of catching all 151 pokemons is impossible in the actual Go series, due to key resistances and multiple difficulty levels. However, inside the modified version of the game, players can catch all 151 pokemons.

There is a Pokedex concept means completion of the index. It is a task that involves capturing all moving objects timely at the right time including New Pokemon. Without Bulbasaur to Mewtwo, it is impossible to complete. Each item in every game is identifiable.

In this latest Android game, it is considered impossible and time-wasting to transfer Pokemon. So before you start playing it, please double check your selection. If you have decided to play this version, then please download Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Apk Android.

Key Features of The Game

The about section of the review already explained processes and key information. Here in this section, we’ll try to explain the key points including newly upgraded features inside the Pokemon Game. Reading the points carefully will help fans understand the game timely.

Free Pikachu Download Link Share

The modified version of Pikachu Android initial version is accessible to download. Just click on the provided link and your game Apk will be downloaded automatically. In addition, to access Apk files no additional permissions are required.

Easy To Install and Play

Once you access Pikachu Apk Download, now click on Apk to begin the installation. Use the classic method for the installation of the application. Once you are done with the installation, now you can play Pikachu Android on your smartphone for free.

No Registration/Subscription

Focusing gamer’s interest here we are presenting an operational version of Pikachu Download. To play and learn about Pokemon Game Info, please read provided points carefully. Moreover to access the game requires no subscription or registration.

Tricky When It Comes To Play Lets Go Pikachu Apk

Playing the modded game requires lots of information and playing tricks. All the fun related guidelines are provided inside the game. Yet an advanced AI system is provided inside. So catching and protecting pokemon become easier.

How To Train The Pokemon?

Remember to train them please use Pokemon Trainers. The trainers are considered impossible to defeat. And these can play the role of trainer effectively. Remember the developers finally launched and provided a great opportunity to learn lots of tricks.

Play Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Apk Download to catch wild Pokémon presentable inside. The UI of the game reflects official gameplay interface. The Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is best place to earn unlimited trainers.

Hundreds of Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Characters

There are more than 151 different pokemon moving around and are ready to catch. Pokemon company is responsible for all the Go Pikachu characters. Certain Modifications are made inside the game and are installable on a compatible smartphone.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Apk

This mod version of the new Pokemon Game is not reachable to access from Play Store. Even the official servers already abounded the gaming app. So what should gamers do in such a situation when they are unable to access direct Apk files?

So if you are confused and searching for the best alternative sources for downloading files.Then you should visit our website and download even this version of Apk file. Simply click on the link provided and you will be able to download latest version game files for free.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

Despite the fact that this modified version of gaming app has already been installed on different smartphones, we have found no direct problems inside. So, if you are interested in gameplay, we recommend that you install this game on your smartphone.

There are several other modified versions of gaming apps on our website you can access, which are free to play. To see and experience those gameplays, please visit these URLs: Pokemon TCG Live Apk and Pokemon Unite Apk.


If you are looking for something different, which is different from the official version. You should download and install the latest version of the Lets Go Pikachu Apk. Which you can easily access with a single click from the link above.

  1. Are we Presenting Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Mod Apk?

    No, the OBB File and Apk we are presenting are purely operational. Yet certain key modifications are made inside.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Apk?

    Yes, the Pokemon Games we are presenting here are purely installable and safe to install.

  3. Is It Compatible With Android Phones?

    Yes, the Pikachu Android we are presenting here is purely installable inside all smartphones.

  4. Does Gameplay Support Third-Party Ads?

    No, the gameplay never support third party ads.

  5. Are We Offering an English Version of Game?

    No, here the version we are providing is Chinese and the language used here is Chinese.

  6. Why The Apk Has Stopped Working?

    The gaming app we are offering is purely stable to install and use. If it stopped working then please contact the support team.

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