Royal Pass Modder Apk Download For Android [Free UC]

From a couple of days, I have witnessed that a lot of people are searching and requesting me to share that application for them on this website. The app that is so much viral nowadays is known as “Royal Pass Modder Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets.  

I have received so many emails about this app which is why today I am explaining that in this post and will provide the Apk very soon. Hopefully, you will be able to download the Apk file of that application within a few days.

Finally, I have found a video on YouTube from where I got the information about that application that what kind of app its and how it works. 

So, if you are really interested to know more about that tool and want to get the Apk file from this article then give a read to this post till the end. 

Furthermore, I would like you guys to please share this post as well as the application with your friends and colleagues.

About Royal Pass Modder

Royal Pass Modder Apk is an Android application which falls in the category of hacking tools. It is a very sophisticated and powerful application that allows you to get Royal Pass in PUBG without investing a single penny. 

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile then you may know that they have two ranking systems first one is free while second is Elite Royal Pass which is paid.

Furthermore, there are three main game resources through which players can unlock or get features, weapon skins, characters, equipment, Designs and so on.

If you are using the free version then you get missions accordingly to improve your ranking. Whereas, Elite RP is a paid version of the game that offers you more missions, products, features, and BP. Elite RP is available for the gamers who have purchased the game for real cash.

So, they get so many missions and options to speed up or boost their ranking which starts from 1 to 100 both free and paid. 

How to get Free Elite Royal Pass?

Although Elite Royal Pass is a paid feature of the game that you cannot get for free of cost. However, there are so many high-profile hackers who have developed some tools and applications to do that so.

Basically, such experts always try to get the advantage of the loopholes in the game. Because there is nothing perfect in the world so the PUBG Korea mobile is.

As you know UC is the expensive resources in the game for which you need to pay real money. Further, you need to pay 600 UC to upgrade to Elite RP whereas the Elite RP Plus costs you 1800 to 4,500 UC.

In these upgrades, you have so many prizes, gifts and other resources which you can utilize in the game.

But the question is that how to get Free PUBG Elite Pass? So, as I have mentioned in the above paragraph that this gaming platform has also some loopholes. Therefore, some expert hackers have got the advantage of it and launched an App known as Royal Pass Modder Apk for Android.

So, this application is really capable of letting you get free Elite pass without spending UC. Even you don’t need to have a paid version of the game. 

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How to use Royal Pass Modder Apk?

Now it has been all clear for you that you can hack PUBG Mobile and get the Elite RP for free. So, the next step which you need to take is really complicated and kind of difficult thing.

Therefore, I will try to explain it to you in simple steps. So, follow each step carefully one by one otherwise you will fail to get what you are trying for.

  • First thing you must download the Apk file from this article and install it on your phones.
  • Now open the app don’t remove it or close it, just minimize it and let it run in the background.
  • Launch the PUBG Mobile Game application on your phones.
  • Go to RP option and click on the pass you want to buy.
  • If you don’t have the resource to buy then it will show you ‘Not enough UC’ message on your screen so there click on OK.
  • Click on buy option and you will see a green bar loading on your mobile’s screen.
  • Then it will ask you to confirm buy by pressing the ‘OK’ button while the green bar is loading, but don’t press the ‘OK’ button until it does not complete the loading process.
  • Right after when the green bar will fully complete then press OK button.
  • Now you will see that you have successfully purchased ERP without spending any money.

This website is a third-party source to download the Android application. Here you can find every kind of games and applications. So, we also share the hacking tools as well as applications which can be used for educational purposes or to have some fun without hurting someone else.

However, all the applications and games available here are not our own products. Basically, these are developed by other individuals and companies. Further, we share those stuff which is publicly available for free. 

So, Royal Pass Modder Apk is a hacking app for PUBG gaming platform that which is not our own product. Further, we do not urge or recommend someone to use it more frequently to manipulate or to hack the game.

Therefore, we the owners of this website don’t take any kind of responsibility for such activities. However, the users of this product will be responsible for their own actions.


At the end of this article, I just want to recommend users to don’t go for such things. Because it is unethical and illegal to perform such action.

Currently, the Apk or App is not available in the market but soon we will make it available right in this article. Hopefully, every soon you can download the latest version of the Royal Pass Modder Apk for Android.

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You Can try Pubg Elite Royal Pass And UC Money free Till We Provide Royal Pass Modder Apk