Frank Speech App Download Free For Android [Apk 2022]

If you are on this page, then it means you are looking for the Frank Speech App for your Android mobile phones. Actually, you are in the right place to download the Apk.

In today’s article, I am not only going to share the Apk, but also you will get to know What is Frank Speech App? You will get the Apk right at the end of this page.

Some of you may know and some you may don’t know about the app. So, this review will let you know about that and surely you will learn about some of its features.

What is Frank Speech App?

Frank Speech App is a new social networking site that has been released by Mike Lindell. He is the CEO and founder of the famous company MyPillow. He is also famous for his fierce allegiance to former president Donald Trump. According to Mike, his new social site will take over all the other social networks.

He has referred to YouTube and Twitter and said that it will put them out of business. However, no one knows how much that claim is true. Basically, this social application designed for the conservatives. So, you are not supposed to share violent or blasphemous content on the app.

They will further sensor those contents where people will use the name of God for their personal gains. However, in so many ways this mega social media app is the best option. Because you are not going to see any offensive content Frank Social Media App from the point of view of conservative.

However, some people are admiring this initiative while some do not. According to Lindell, this platform will provide a place where people can express their opinion freely and share their ideas. However, they will definitely moderate the content that will lead to violence and blasphemy.

Therefore, Lindell has also mentioned that conservatives will get 10 times more followers. He discussed that in a podcast of Steve Bannon. So, you can also check out that video here. However, it is launched recently and let the people decide whether he was right or wrong.

How to Download Frank Speech App on Android?

If you are on this page, then it probably means that you are looking for the Apk that you can install on your Android phones. You don’t need to worry about that, I will put the direct download link right at the end of this page. So, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the link.

It is free and you only need to download and install that on your Android smartphones. However, if you are looking for the IPA file, then you will get that in the official App Store. Currently, I have shared the Apk file that is only compatible with Android mobile phones.

FrankSpeech Apk is simple and easy to use. You just need to use the app as you use to do with other social networking sites. Such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. Although you can share your opinion in the shape of videos, Text, Audio, and Pictures.

But your posts will be moderate if they seem to be violent or blasphemous. However, they will thoroughly check out the content and then take action. However, It seems quite interesting and impressive.

How to Install FrankSpeech Apk on Android?

You can install the Apk on your Android phones after downloading it from this page. If you are downloading the package file from any third-party website, then you will have to enable the option of Unknown Sources.

However, you will also have to enable that option if you are installing the Apk for the first time. But if you are installing the app directly from Play Store, then you don’t need to do anything. Just install and use it on your phone.

How to Download Frank Speech App iPhone?

I have already mentioned that, to use the app on iPhone, you need to get the IPA file. You can only get that in the App Store. That is the official store for iPhones. However, you can go through the same procedure to install the IPA file of Frank Speech Social Media.

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To be honest, it is not possible to overthrow the monopoly of Twitter and YouTube within a short period of time. However, let’s see whether Mike Lindell can keep his words or not. But you can download and give it a try to his new social media app that is Frank Speech App. The download link is given right here below.

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    • For that you need, an Android Emulator. Simply Install that and Install the Apk. If you don,t want to do that, simply wait for the IPhone Release of the App


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