Sodar Apk Download 2022 For Android [Google Sodar]

Now Google is expecting to launch a new android application in the market soon called it Sodar Apk. Using this app android users will able to create an artificial circle of 2 meters around to keep social distancing during this COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic issue.

The app accesses your mobile back camera and creates an artificial 2-meter circle, will be shown over your screen. If someone violates or enters into your 2-meter circle than the app will show you who is violating the circle and trying to get near to you.

As we earlier mentioned that the application is in the construction stage. Means the application is not available now but soon it will be.

For instance to facilitate people around the globe and to check human behaviour, Google has launched a direct website from where users can have the same experience.

What is Sodar By Google

This app provides visualization using AR technology through which a person can determine his/her boundary consists of a minimum of 2 meters. This is a unique idea to let know people about their distance from one another.

Well, the idea of creating such an application has emerged from the current pandemic issue. Everyone around the world is well aware of current pandemic and the only solution for this viral disease is social distancing.

Till now no vaccine is available against COVID-19 Coronavirus. The only solution to keep yourself safe is the Social Distancing.

The owner and developer of this application are Google. If we called this Pandemic App Sodar by Google will not be wrong. But due to different reason, the app is in the development stage. As an alternative Google has launched a live website where user can have the same experience.

You can download Sodar Apk latest version from here as soon as Google release Apk version in its store. To make sure the user is facilitated at the right time, we’re checking the online market regularly.

We can assure you that as soon as this application is available in the market, the original apk version will be available here.

But till now the application is not available in the market. We have provided Sodar by Google website URL here inside the article. You can access the website directly pressing the URL button.

Don’t forget that this app will be the first kind of application which provides such kind of features.

Screenshots of Sodar

How to Download and Use Sodar Apk

It is already been mentioned inside this article that the apk version is not available but using their website users can have the same experience until the application is accessible in the market. To use Sodar for Social Distancing please follow the following steps.

  • Firstly install Google Chrome Browser latest version inside your mobile.
  • You can install Google Chrome Latest Version from Google Play Store or you can download it from here too.
  • Once you are done with installing Google Chrome, Now open it and click on the provided URL.
  • Once you click on the Sodar URL, it will redirect you to the original website.
  • Now you need to click on the Launch button.
  • The website will ask for your mobile camera, you need to click on allow to give access to your mobile camera.
  • You need to point your phone down to ground and move it around to draw a circle. In other words to mark your boundary.
  • It’s done.


We highly recommend our android users to use Sodar Apk for once. Because life is a unique gift from God. We must keep this gift safe and sound. Until the original apk is not available in the market, please use this website as an alternative.

We’ll make sure that the apk version will be displayed here on our website once it is available in the market. Please share this post with your love ones to keep them safe from this pandemic issue.  

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