XY Ghost Hack Apk Download 2022 For Android [PUBGM Hack]

This time we are back with PUBGM Hacking Tool which is new in the android market known as XY Ghost Hack. Particularly developed for users who depend over cheats while playing the game. Although it’s not morally good on users demand we provided the latest version here.

Even at beginning times, people who called themselves pro nowadays also took advantage of such tools to impress their viewers. Still, gamers with pro player skills love to use such kind of hacking tools while playing PUBG Mobile.

While using such kind of tools may lead to the destruction of your account. Means IP Address and IMEI number of mobile enable support to check whether you are using any kind of tool to modify the game. Once they find out that you are using such kind of hacking tool, they probably ban your game account permanently.

However, you don’t need to be worried about this getting ban problem. Because developers have implanted this Anti-Ban feature inside the PUBG Hacking Tool. Which prevent game support from acquiring your mobile IP Address and IMEI number. Which are often used to detect different hacks and leads to account banned permanently.

What is XY Ghost Hack Apk

XY Ghost is a PUBG Mobile hacking tool particularly developed for PUBGM lovers who love to play PUBGM action game. The tool is full of features including Head Shot, Auto Aim, No Recoiling, Antenna, Zero Damage Jump out of Jeep and Wall Hack etc.

Out of all these hacking features, God View and Magic bullets are the lethal hacks. God View hack enables you to see the enemy through wall, tree and behind the stone. Using this feature even users can know what kind of clothes you are wearing.

Magic bullets feature has changed the whole dynamics of the game. For suppose if you are successful to know that a whole squad is coming towards you and are hiding behind walls and stones.

Using magic bullets you can kill the whole squad from one place without showing any extra move. Because magic bullets will automatically find the enemy and killed on spot.

Details of APK

NamexY Ghost Hack
Size2.40 MB
DeveloperxY Labs
Package NamexY.xYLabs.xYPUBGInj
Required Android4.4 and Plus

Due to such hacks, experts of PUBG Mobile start chasing those hackers and shut down their accounts permanently. Because of this serious issue, PUBGM hires a special team who manually look into accounts activity and infiltrate the account to check whether he/she is using anything suspicious.

Focusing all these issues, developers of XY Ghost Hack developed and added this Anti-Ban feature. What exactly this Anti-Ban feature does is, it prevent game support from obtaining your mobile address and IMEI.

Because developers found that through mobile IP Address and IMEI, the support track the hacking tools.

We believe the usage of such tools is not good morally. And it’s quite risky to use such kind of tools while playing the game. Because it leads to a permanent ban of your gaming account.

So what we recommend our valuable users is to be careful while using such kind of tools. And keep the focus over game instead of moving here and there.

Key Features of the App

  • The tool is free to download and offers free premium hacks.
  • The mobile-friendly user interface of the app.
  • Anti-Ban feature to keeps your account secure.
  • Advanced security java codes are used to keep users account safe.

And more advance features are used which includes Fast Jeep, Zero Damage, Head Shot, No Recoiling, Magic Bullets, God View, Wall Hack and more.

Screenshots of App

How to Download and Use App

We provide a user-friendly environment where user security is not compromise. Before we provide the APK File, we install it over the different devices. To make sure the app is fully operational and free of malware. So android users can trust us in terms of downloading.

The latest APK File download link is provided inside the article. All you need to do is just click on the download link button and the APK will start downloading automatically. Once you are done with downloading, the next step is installation and usage.

Locate the APK File and click on the install button to proceed installation. In the next few seconds, you’re gonna see this finished notification means the app is installed successfully. Now use a virtual app (Global Virtual Apk) to run both PUBGM and XY Ghost Hack together.

When you open the hack, remember you need to enter this password “[email protected]”. Because without this password the hacking app will not work properly.


We believe in user care and trust. PUBG Mobile players who want to hack this game need to download the latest version of XY Ghost Tool from here for free. If you face any problem while downloading and usage of this application. Please feel free to contact us.

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